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  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me! The solicitor told them early on if he keeps pursuing this and hassling us with debt collectors, instead of the correct remedy which would be for him to take us to court, then we will pursue him for costs when we take him to court down the track, as he is obviously wasting as much of our money as possible just to be a *****.
  2. Imagining sending an SD to wind him up is pleasurable, but our solicitor wouldn't allow that anyway..He said we must behave impeccably as when we go to court, the behavour of the builder will be unfavourable and we must not do anything to appear unreasonable ourselves. When the solicitor sent all the correspondence back and forth with the last DCA ,he warned them about game playing any wasting solicitor time, and marked all correspondence "Without prejudice SAVE AS TO COSTS", so they were warned. I thought we could only get costs back had we had to go to the judge to have it set aside?
  3. Yes, the SD was from the 2nd DCA and we got that set aside. This is now the third DCA and we haven't got that far yet. On the subject of a personal guarantee, I was under the impression that it could help us, as if he didn't pay a judgement if we took him to court, we could apply for a winding up order on the company, at which point he would have to repay the bank, but couldn't without selling his home- therefore he would surely seek to avoid that happening, so would have to settle his debt?
  4. It was delivered in person, by way of a man looking like a pimp in his pinstriped suit, who was called XXXXXXXX. He even wrote his name and mobile number on a bright pink post-it note I still have, to make sure "I knew" who he was! Despite the fact that both we and the solicitor had instructed them NOT to set foot on our property under ANY circumstances, he still managed to find his way onto our 4 acres, pretending to be "lost"and asking directions from me!
  5. Funnily enough, I read of other peoples debt collectors turning up in grey pinstriped suits too! Must be the uniform! we have since found out this "builder" usually does small jobs for people. The scaffholding company said they had never known him to do any big jobs at all, and they do the scaffholding for every company almost around here. I think he jumped at the chance to take our job since it was a big amount when he didn't have the skills to do so...as such our house has gone up a category on the conservation risk register from vulnerable, to AT RISK The only way we might find
  6. I was thinking about that today actually! Do we have to send him the Scotts schedule and ask for renumeration for the damages, or we will seek collection? Our solicitor is very straight laced and methodical and said we must act beyond reproach so that the builder is clearly the jerk here... We did register his domain name My husband was thinking of creating a web gallery under his domain name of the said wonderful work!!!! No defamatory statements we could get done on- just things like "this is our newly renovated roof etc" and pictures, as it speaks for itself.... The soli
  7. I have the SD here, and it says served on you by the creditor: Mr Cowboy builder, and his address, and then signed by the debt collection guy, and underneath it says *position with or relationship to creditor: AGENT. Then in Part B it says The individual/s to whom any communication regarding this demand may be addressed is : CLS limited, and a guy by the name of "Mike" which is different to the signature on the first page of "Ben". That said, we had them set that aside when they saw our letter and evidence from the experts , but i am sure this new mob will just try to pull the same
  8. It was actually the Debt collection agency that sent the statutory demand...The builder was listed as the claimant or whatever, but their name and address was on it too, and we had to contact them about it. It wasn't "lodged" with the court yet, but the papers were sent to us, so we had to apply to them to set it aside, otherwise we would have had to have gone to the court to ask to have it set aside if they wouldn't agree. The solicitor said although it wasn't stamped by the court, if we ignored it, after 18 days they could take it to the court and apply to bankrupt us... meanwhile,
  9. The problem is- if you ignore their first letters and don't submit evidence of a dispute, then they start the whole "statutory demand" business, and send a letter advising they'll do that, and then you have to go thru the whole "setting it aside " thing again! I called the debt collecting firm back, as they didn't call me back from this morning and got onto the guy I was supposed to talk to. I recorded the whole conversation on my phone. We have listened to it back a few times and fallen about laughing! I made sure I stayed completely calm and polite- I explained the situation, I
  10. Hi all! I have been reading through alot of threads to gain info. We have a problem with a builder, who was supposed to do approx £27k of work on our house. I will keep details sketchy as I don't want to identify ourselves. he was a cowboy, didn't do the work as he was contracted to do (we had no written contract, but the Surveyor had specified what needed to be done and how and the quote referred to "all works as detailed in the surveyor;s report). To cut a long story short, he has had two attempts to fix the roof, and has only made it worse both times, and i
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