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  1. Hi, I spoke to HR which is a telephone helpline. They can see it back to 2011. They basically said speak to your Line Manager, they decide if it should carry on! I think he may just stop it in hr system!
  2. Wow thanks for the quick responses, I really appreciate it. I feel such a tool as it does state deputisation on my payslip but not sure what I would be deputising for about £30 after tax a month.
  3. Hi, I've been employed by my ftse 100 company for approximately 14 years. Our payslips are complex with overtime, benefits, car allowances etc but I noticed on a yearly statement I have received £600 last year. On further investigation of the payslips it appears I've been being paid a £50 allowance monthly for additional responsibility. About 1%ish of salary so I didn't notice a huge amount going into my account. I've informed my line manager that I am receiving this payment and to my mind shouldn't be as I've no idea what it is for. I assume he will discuss with the elusive HR team.
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