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  1. Also my in laws have received another letter to their address (we still not had any correspondence from Shoosmiths to our actual address) this time addressed to my partners ex wife, so we are hoping that she hasn't received any documents at her current address or that she is actually speaking to Shoosmiths when she has no right to (she has done this and attempted to on several occasions). Was wondering if anyone could look at the letter before I send it recorded delivery.
  2. Hi everyone Keep checking to see if the Halifax have recieved our budget and payment proposal and it is still saying that it hasn't been delivered just when it was sent and where from.
  3. Just an update. Halifax solicitors Shoosmiths have sent a letter to my in laws address, saying that we now have to pay the full arrears by the 26th or they will recommence court proceedings to obtain possession. We haven't received this letter at our address and we have no idea why they have sent it to my in laws??? Surely they can't send such confidential letters to an address my partner hasn't lived at for over 10 years??? Also the names on the letters is my partner and his ex wife???? His ex wife hasn't been on the mortgage since 2013 (she went bankrupt and my partner bought he
  4. My partner will ring tonight and ask for a breakdown of the arrears to be sent to us. Sent the budget and letter by recorded delivery yesterday but have a feeling in my gut that we will receive an eviction date today, I'm not sure how long it takes from receiving a letter saying they have instructed their solicitors to receiving a date?? Should I have put in the letter that we have a disabled child in the property?? We have told them repeatedly that we have children, that one is disabled and that I suffer from stress and anxiety. Can the Halifax stop the eviction if they agree
  5. I am printing off the letter as we speak. The amounts they have stated were done on the phone, how can I get proof of these??
  6. Thanks for replying. We have received a letter this morning dated the same date as the letter we received yesterday saying they are repossessing the property and we will be notified of the date in due course and that £100 has been debited to our mortgage account???? So they asked for a lump sum but never had any intention of letting us make a payment and now they have added more money to our mortgage account. Don't know what to do now feel like were in limbo??
  7. Thanks for replying so quickly. I will do the letter and send it to the Halifax by recorded delivery tomorrow and the budget sheet. Since I have posted on this forum I have relieved a letter from the Halifax Evictions Team, which was sent before the lady at the Halifax told us we had to pay £3000 to stop legal action. The letter states that they will be instructing solicitors to enforce the order of possession of our property and that we will receive notification of this in a further letter (even though the lady we spoke to said we had to the 28th of this month to find the £3000
  8. Hi, we have a suspended repossession order from 2010 (when my partners ex wife was still on the mortgage, she is now no longer) and we have fell into arrears of 6100 over the 5 year period due to unemployment. We made a partial payment in august last year and missed a payment in November last year other than that we have maintained our mortgage payments and have been paying some off the arrears each month for nearly 2 years, now the Halifax have said they are going to be seeking an eviction date if we don't pay £3000 by the 28th of this month. We have kept them informed of the paymen
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