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  1. Hi Sorry, Sent a reply via my mobile but dont know what happened with it. We went and saw the suite in the store on the 27th of Decemeber, The employee showed us all the colours available so we chose black - As we were doing the finance we had to do it at home on the internet we did it that night and received the confirmation via email. on the 28th the staff member emailed us confirming the colour as black and the delivery date. We then received the suite on Thursday - As soon as I saw it I knew it was the wrong colour but the delivery driver wouldn'
  2. Thats great to hear Thank you both for your quick reply. I sent both sofa company and finance company an email on the day of delivery advising them this so awaiting to hear from them both. I did read online that I would be entitled to a full refund but just wanted to check here to confirm my findings. Hopefully they both accept this without a fight but I will keep you updated. How long should I allow them to reply to my current emails? As just now we are not using the suite and are basically left with nothing to sit on in the mean time. Thanks again
  3. Hi Everyone. In need of some advice. Myself and partner decided we were going to purchase a new suite for our home, We saw a local company who had some good deals and decided go and have a look in store. We picked our new suite on the 27th of December 2018 - We were paying via finance and to do this it is done on the website. we placed the order and received confirmation email confirming the order and also the next day the 28th of December we received another email confirming the full order and details. We have just re
  4. Hi Everyone, Im in dire need of some help with calculations. I have had a successful claim against Welcome and today I received my cheque from them but to be honest I think it is short. I have a statement of figure which they have included. I hope it is k to post them and for someone to help me work them out as I feel that WFS are trying to pay less than they should. Amount of PPI added to loan £696.68 Less rebate of PPI £373.22 Amount of intere
  5. Ah ok , Sorry got you now. We dont have a statment as used the ppi company. but filled in all the docs as requested by the fos, They advised welcome 2 months ago to pay up. fos sent us a form asking for us to sign it to say we accepted there decision. Which was to uphold the complaint
  6. Ah ok . I am awaiting for the FOS to get back in contact with us. Welcome have advised that when they appoint administrators that they will probably offer 1 pence for every pound they owe us. disgrace of a company. Happy to see them go that way they cant continue what to have done in the past.
  7. The loan was just in his name, Only he signed it. So do you think I should make contact with the FSCS? And advise them of the FOS ruling?
  8. Thank you for your quick reply. I never knew my partner had used the company to do the claim :( Only issue we have with going to the FSCS is we have been advised they will not deal with it as the account was opened in 2004 and they only deal with claims after 2005. Nightmare, Cant believe the reply they have sent, Even thought the FOS have found in our favour.
  9. Hi Everyone, Looking for some help. My partner made an application via a PPI company to claim back any PPI he had on his old accounts, They found we had 1 from Welcome Finance on a car we had in 2004. they sent away to claim it back, Welcome instantly declined it and the management company dealing with the claim for him decided to send it to the FOS. 2 Months ago the FOS found against Welcome and advised them to reimburse in a proper manner. But now this is where we need help. Welcome has sent us a letter which I will attach for you to see.
  10. That's great I will wait and see when the rest reply.
  11. LOL Will have another look just now Just found it :)
  12. Sorry to be a pain , You have a lot of posts on here, Do you have a link for the letter?
  13. Will have a look just now for the letter Hopefully we can get something sorted. Would be good to have these out of my life
  14. DMP? Is that a debt management plan? I had to start paying some money to them even though I contantly advised them I was unemployed, they asked for my income and I advised them and I was receiving £360 a month and they demanded £10 per week or they would take me to court. I did pay for a while but had to stop due to it being unaffordable Loans all tie in as I was spending money on stupid things due to BPD, and was taken loans to help pay some bills. At the time of these payday loans I was in arrears with my car, phonebill, council tax. and a few other bills. Credit file was completely sh
  15. Another - Vivus Principal: £200 Start date 09/02/2013 - Original Due date11/03/2013 Interest: £0 Default Interest: £186 Accumulated daily from 11/03/2013 – 12/09/2013 Default charge: £20 Added 14/05/2013 We have not received any repayments towards this loan. Total mount transferred to Motor Mile £406.00 If there is any further information you require please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards,
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