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  1. Received a letter this morning from Npower saying they are processing my DSAR request! Seems they are planning on sending an encrypted CD with the data on which I will only be able to access via a password (being sent separately to the CD) & that I also need to download a programme to be able to read the files contained on the CD. Is this right???? I know they need to make sure that no-one can access the data contained on the CD apart from me but this seems a little much, almost like I'll think its too much hassle & cancel the request?!?!?
  2. Thank you all, they signed on delivery this morning so roll on 40 days!
  3. Looking to send a DSAR to Npower after not being billed correctly for nearly 1.5 years after having a new electric meter installed in August 2014. Have made official complaints to Npower direct & the Ombudsman but still not any further forward with getting a correct bill as basic maths seems impossible for Npower staff. Am now dealing with Npower via letter/email only as fed up with being lied to/pasted from pillar to post/having the phone hung up on me. New development is that Npower haven't taken Jan 2016 direct debit payment, my bank states that Npower never put the request through! So now I want to view what records Npower has to compare them to mine, think should make for interesting reading. But am unsure which Npower department/address to I send the DSAR request & cheque to? Plus who do I make the cheque payable to? Planning on sending the request (using the fab template on this board) & the cheque recorded delivery but is there anything else I should do/be aware of?
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