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  1. Hello , yes they very friendly. They could ask for Bank Statements or income and expenditure evidence. Every case is different they might just look at lenders info and realise your loans weren't affordable
  2. Yes I would get as much advice as possible then decide what's best ..
  3. You will get additional support that may help you, everybodys case is different ..
  4. £500 a week !!!! & living at home :/ you going to have to think what information you going to submit , at the moment I think only 60% of cases are upheld , PDL company's are getting wiser also .
  5. I would keep it basic , just list your income from work, and your expenses like rent , food etc, your gambling wouldn't be listed on your credit report so PDL wouldn't see that, and if you have surplus income for gambling you have it available to pay PDL that's how they will see it .. But all your PDL should be on your credit report so include it that will look bad when FOS take a look . have you checked Debt Camel Pay Day loan advice ?
  6. Hello when going to FOS you have to be careful what you give them , Your complaint is that you have been given PDL that are unaffordable.. So that can mean time you have paid essential living cost and financial commitments before taking out PDL you haven't got any money left to pay your PDL ..I wouldn't mention your gambling, you need to total income & outgoings and don't leave any money left over you can get these from debt help sites (Payplan and Clearstart) and they look professional, also include your Piggybank offer as this demonstrated you was in financial difficulties.
  7. I wouldn't have accepted Piggybanks offer and would have pushed for full refund of interest and to have records moved from credit file, so I would have gone to Financial Ombudsman with it.. However now you have written confirmation that you wasn't in a financial position to have the loans from Piggybank with them refunding some interest back , loans taken with other PDL will also fall into this category, PDL arn't going to give in easy to complaints so its up to you to make sure the Financial Ombudsman get as much info as possible to have your complaint upheld ..
  8. Was you having Wonga loans same time as Piggybank, because you have been offered payment from Piggybank you can use this information to claim from any other PDL .
  9. Hello regards to Wonga that's just looks like a generic email and not relevant to your complaint, basically it could be sent to anyone , if you believe your entitled for a refund of interest take up your complaint with Financial Ombudsman, you should be able to easily proove ( with credit reports and bank accounts) loans were issued without adequate checks.
  10. Hello yes fingers crossed , I believe PDUK have said they have made mistakes with regards to issuing unaffordable loans and already paying redress payments .. If your complaint is upheld with FO you could argue it against your MrLender complaint .
  11. Hello 8 weeks is adequate time to get a reply I should go straight to Financial Ombudsman . Once the 8 weeks is up for me and I haven't got the outcome I want I will be going straight to FB .. Some good reports on Debt Camel and help topics .. Regards MrLender I think you have been unlucky with decision , hopefully it will get sorted.
  12. Hello , I have read through several times and been looking at ways to help you ..I would argue with the FOS , that in back in 2014 you believe Mr Lender was issuing loans without doing sufficient affordability checks , if the FOS have made Mr Lender pay back money to other people then its obvious MrLender wasn't doing sufficient checks at the time , I've noticed you missed out on your application "other loans " ?, I believe MrLender should have picked this up with regards cross referencing your credit report with application form with the amount of loans which would have been on your report
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