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  1. Yes they included everything. What about the 5yr fixed rate I had but they increased the payment due figures in 2010, 2011 and would have been again in 2012. Is that allowed?? To be honest their final account with the alledged shortfall is absurd. They have even calculated the early settlement figure different to what the conditions states. The whole affair smells fishy to me. Im think the interest they have charged is not daily as states in contract they seem to have based it in the previous years closing balance which would be incorrect so although
  2. This is my spreadsheet I've done and will upload the mortgage ones next, I've listed every payment made. Statements 2010 I never had a statement but have their letters showing payments made I also have a spreadsheets that includes all the charges they applied which i believe did increase the overall mortgage with interest by 2000 plus ? full mortgage without charges (1).pdf 2007-2011 statement.pdf 2010 statements.pdf
  3. What information will the SAR detail please? Sorry if I sound dumb but I’m not clued up on dealing with credit, hence the reason I end up in a mess. Also if a fixed rate mortgage payment is altered and written notification is received from the lender informing you of the new payments required for the coming year is that referred as changing the conditions of the mortgage? If so is that allowed? Looking through all my docs the increased payments had references to the SVR increases. At the end of the five year fixed term I would have reverted to their SVR unl
  4. Thanks hopefully it will be removed and I will not have to raise a further dispute with ICO
  5. The original entry made from Argos has vanished (I did make further payments to them when I was in a better financial position, but refused to pay the DCA , Argos did accept the payments off off me anyway, the only balance left outstanding was equivalent to the charges they did not refund to me, as I gave up asking them for a payment, I figured they could sort that with the DCA they had appointed) They entry showing is that of the DCA and they date they closed off the account (their entry default date) is later than original and full balance shows still. I hav
  6. Fair comment, but a DCA should not place a marker on a CRA file when the original default in 2008 with Argos has now dropped off file The DCA is incorrect
  7. Thanks for the advice Would you know if I can also raise a dispute with the CRA ?
  8. I would have thought so but it shows balance 0. The actual default figure quoted to DJ as redemption figure is not the same figure used on the final account for the balance due before all their ridiculous fabricated approx. 15,000 costs are added and (I had thought it had been overstated) there is a lower figure by approx. 3,000 and the number of payments in arrears do not match up to statements from lender, as I had also made payments to them I knew something wasn’t quite right. CRA last updated 2012 1 mth after sale Property Sold 3 mths after eviction. Sol
  9. I defaulted on an argos card back in Oct 2008 (this date is stated on their ledger print as the date of delinquency) due to a financial change in circumstances. They sold the account to Direct Legal Collections T/A Hillesden Securities Ltd formerley Argos Card Services (I wasnt aware of this at the time). I received a reply to a letter sent to argos card services 2011 over fees etc and they awarded a refund of PPI and interest 366.31 no refund for the 12.00 letter fees added on account and was included on the refund request. Argos did not disagree with the r
  10. When your home is repossessed then sold with a shortfall balance can anyone advise me of a few queries; Does your credit file show the remaining shortfall balance on it? Should the arrears shedule listed on your CRA match the lenders arrears or mortgage statement for example when your mortgage agreement is void through reposession and the lenders stipulate 5 months arrears up to Feb. Should it be the same info on your CRA for the montb Feb also? The amount shown as the account opening balance (account balance shown on the breakdown that shows the property sale , repos
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