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  1. Sorry, you misunderstand, they said I wouldn't get people banging on the door (as in bailiffs etc) the worst case was that I would possibly get another letter asking me to pay again, all I had to do if that happened was call them and tell them I still wasn't working, until such time that I was working again.
  2. Actually, I rang HMRC and this is a genuine investigation to check I am not working as I have advised them. It isn't a DCA. I have fallen for nothing. But thanks for trying to make me feel even worse!!!! No, I don't have anything from the SAR. As stated, I have been through and through this with them. I am now too far outside the time frame to dispute it again. I still am unable to prove I paid for the childcare as I have no receipts, I don't have any contact with the childminder and even if I did, it's from 2009 and I highly doubt they would have those records too. As said before, I have resigned myself to the fact I can't dispute. I'm sick of feeling the anxiety about it. I can't fight it, I haven't the energy or even the understanding to pick holes in it. All I asked for in this thread initially was if they can force my husband to pay if the debt is from before we lived together... and what exactly they will be looking at come Friday when they come back... and now I have the site team telling me I have fallen for it like I'm some kind of mug. So thanks for that.
  3. Update to this thread - I've just had a man pounding on my door (I was getting out of the shower, my toddler son is napping).. . I go down and see who it is and he says he is from HMRC and wants to come in to go through my finances. I was shocked and scared, I had been reassured on the phone in June that the debt was suspended and that all I would get is a letter and would just have to call them again to suspend further until I start working again and can start to repay them. The guy is coming back on Friday morning (I was in a towel and in tears on the doorstep)... I called HMRC and they've said it is genuine and that I should never have been told that I wouldn't have people knocking on my door again (I was under the impression that I'd just need to call whenever they wrote to me and let them know when I work again, so would not have bailiffs etc or threatening letters anymore) I'm still sat here in tears, I don't understand what he is going to look at or how I prove I have no income of my own other than child benefit. I can't believe they can just turn up unannounced and pound on your front door - I'm actually physically shaking and almost had a panic attack when he left. I have nothing to hide but then I have never falsely claimed but could never prove otherwise and just feel this is all out of my control now.
  4. The disputes etc all happened a few years ago. I have been stupidly ignoring it for a long time hoping it would just go away on it's own. I'm sure that the timings were all ok back then with them asking for the proof, I just haven't been able to sort it out and it's been a few years since they asked for the money back, until Jan 2016 and again last week.
  5. Thank you both for your replies. The trouble with the whole thing, and why I had it in dispute previously, is that back when this all was being paid, I had a big falling out with the childminder I was using, for hitting my child. I withdrew her immediately from their services and it all became rather nasty, with them making threats etc. In all of this, I had no receipts for the childcare I had paid for (stupidly had paid cash, first childminders I had ever used and hadn't asked for receipts as didn't expect things to go like they did).. I had no proof that I had actually paid any childcare. The childminders refused to give me receipts, telling me that they were with their lawyers (I'm guessing as I was paying cash, they never declared it themselves, but that's another matter). So despite me disputing it, and being entitled to the payments in the first place, I haven't been able to prove anything, so I have to pay them back. I've actually just rang them, the guy couldn't have been nicer. My debt has been put on hold, in a few months I can expect another letter asking if circumstances have changed etc etc and I'm to contact them once I am working again, but until I am, I can't be expected to pay it off. I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders, I've had the letter a week now and have not been sleeping and too scared to mention to my husband in case they demanded the money from him. I had a previous letter in January 2016 and had ignored it hoping it would go away and it always niggled at me that it would catch up. If anyone else is in similar circumstances, they were really lovely and just call them and get it sorted. Don't bury your head in the sand like I have been for so long.
  6. Hi, I have been advised I owe HMRC Tax Credits overpayment dating back from 2009 of £3300. I have been through disputes and SAR etc, but as I am unable to provide childcare receipts from this time, I cannot get out of having to repay. My question though: The debt is from when I was a single parent, living alone with my daughter. I am now married, and I stay at home with my new son and my daughter. I have no income other than child benefit. My husband has nothing to do with this debt as it was from before we lived together. We have not claimed any tax credits since moving in together in 2011. Will HMRC demand payment from my husband for this debt? Or can I call them and ask them to put any repayment plan on hold until a time when I am working again (likely to be from Sept 2018 when my son will be able to have funded childcare.)?
  7. We did, however naively we used the TW recommended one. I have been through our enquiries book and can see nothing relating to the stop.
  8. Hi there, hope this is in the right place. Background - we reserved a home with Taylor Wimpey in January 2015. On 14th Feb 2015, we completed a reservation checklist (of which we have a copy) where we went through the plans for the estate, this detailed drains, trees, sub stations, etc etc... We completed and moved in on 3rd July 2015. Very happy in our home, until 7th Jan this year, when the local bus company erected a temporary stop outside our kitchen window. This stop is less than 3 metres from the front of my house and right in front of my gate. We knew the road was to be a bus route, but at no point were we informed that there would be a stop directly outside our house. We have contacted Taylor Wimpey to express our concerns on the 10th January (along with letters to the bus company, the local council and our MP). The bus company say the locations were decided by Taylor Wimpey (TW), the council have not adopted the roads yet so have given us the brush off and our MP is sympathetic but cannot really help either. I have been through our purchase paperwork and at no point was the location of the stop disclosed to us prior to sale, even though I have since discovered plans dated 15th August 2014 which show not only the stop located outside our home, but also that a shelter will be built with real time bus information. The path outside our house will therefore be blocked by this shelter, the view outside our window also obstructed. At the moment the path and our very small front garden are littered in gum and cigarette butts. Our reservation checklist dated after the plans for the bus stop (14/2/15) specifically says regarding Bus Stops "N/A not currently on development", and on our neighbour's, it states "N/A No plans to view". Other people on the estate claim that they were informed about the site of the stops. Do we have a case that TW purposely withheld information and mis-sold us our home? We would not have purchased this home if we were aware that a bus stop would be located directly outside.
  9. Just to provide an update - the letter before action worked. The management company had been taken over by another management company who reviewed all our files and the emails we had from the previous mgmt. company saying they would credit us, and they agreed to refund us. Just waiting on the money to be paid into our account now. Success!! Thanks for all the advice.
  10. Hi there, Just checking, I am about to send my letter of action to them prior to taking to small claims. Can I send an email or does it need to be an actual letter?
  11. That's what we are wondering, but as the buyers knew the fees paid were an estimate, and they had asked for a retainer in case of an underpayment, and that we had asked the management company before we moved to pay us directly and not credit the account, and they agreed to it, would this go in our favour? With small claims, if we did not successfully claim, would we have to pay any court costs for the management company? Just wondering whether it is worth pursuing really.
  12. They informed us before we sold of the first overpayment from the first year's accounts. We then advised them that we would be moving and that that and any further overpayments should be sent to us via cheque or bank transfer and NOT to be credited to the account, and they replied saying they noted our instruction. They then just credited the account once they had completed their accounts (two years worth in November, which is when we started trying to fight for the money but have hit a brick wall). The buyer had specifically asked for a retainer of £200 to be held in the event of an underpayment, which we agreed to (and which we are still waiting to be returned to us), as we were all well aware that the management company had not completed any accounts since 2011 before the sale completed.
  13. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can help. We moved into our previous house in 2011. We paid a management company each year for the communal service charge as instructed. Not an issue. However, when we were in the process of selling in 2015, our solicitor found that the accounts for the previous four years had not been completed and filed by the management company. We were advised that our buyers wanted to hold a retainer of £200 in case of an underpayment, which we agreed to. Just before we exchanged contracts, the management company emailed to advise that for the first year (2011-2012), we had actually OVERPAID them by £144.45. Following this, we emailed them the following: ----------------------------------------------- From: ***** Sent: 08 June 2015 18:08 To: ***** Subject: Ref ****** Good afternoon ****, I have received communication from you regarding a credit to my account for the period 06/07/2011 - 30/06/2012 to the value of £144.45. As the charges for each year are paid in advance, I would not like this credit applied to any future bill, instead I would like to receive the amount direct to myself in form of a cheque or bank transfer, due to the fact that I have sold the above property and will be moving at the end of this month. Please can you confirm that this will be actioned as per my request, and the same applied to any further credits that may be due for any charges up until 30th June 2015. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be contacted via this email or on the mobile number below. Regards ****** ------------------------------------------------------ The management company then replied with the following stating that once ALL years accounts were finalised, they would return any overpayments to us: On Tuesday, 16 June 2015, *********** wrote: Good Morning Thank you for your email I note your below instruction however at this stage the credit it unable to be returned to yourself. Any overall credits can of course be returned to yourself following the production of all outstanding accounts. Kind regards **********- MIRPM AssocRICS Acting Branch Manager, Estate Management ------------------------------------------------- We have since been advised by our solicitor that the overpayments are for the following amounts: 2011-2012 - £144.45 2012-2013 - £185.41 2013-2014 - £110.83 2014-2015 - £83.80 Total overpaid - £524.49 However, the management company have gone against what they have agreed to and credited the accounts, meaning the buyers have now had this money and they are refusing to refund us. Our solicitor has not been overly helpful and the management company have now said they won't speak to us as we are no longer the owners of the house. What rights do we have? Are we able to fight this in small claims? Any know how would be good. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I still wouldn't have receipts from the childminder, they have moved since. What would the subject access request do if I'm still unable to prove my childcare fees? Do I raise the dispute with Rossendales and how do I go about that? I feel that as I cannot prove my fees, this will never be written off, and then I am back to needing to pay it, at what point do I tell them I have no income of my own? Will they demand payment by my now husband?
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