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  1. Hi there I have noticed on my credit report a default on in July of this year for an old cash genie payday loan, this account started in Nov 2011 and there was no payment since 2011 how is it possible for MMF to issue a default date of 2016, a full 5years after the last payment? Is this possible ? Any advice on this Thanks
  2. Hi Guys Just a quick update, still ignoring these letters. What do you make of the latest one received today? IMG_20160225_120531086.pdf
  3. I think they have sold it to them as I remember cap one sending me a Letter stating they have sold the account to Lowell
  4. Hi Guys thanks for the replies so far. I have no statements any longer. What do you reckon I do at the moment, hold tight ? Wait for another "threat" to be sent ?
  5. I took a credit card out in 12/05/2010 with a credit Limit of £500, defaulted on this 11/09/2014 when I Lost my Job. This has been passed to a few different DCA before being sent back to C O in the summer last year, and then again sold to Lowell in Sept
  6. Hi there I have had a credit card debt with Capital One of £621 that was sold to Lowell in Sept 15, I have been receiving the standard letters from them, however today they have sent me a Pre Legal assessment threatening court action. Have yet to respond to any letters acknowledging the debit I am living in N.Ireland, not sure if that makes a difference. Any advise would be appreciated Thanks
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