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  1. Thanks for the help again Dx I had a look through the forum . It really is a fantastic tool and people like yourself are a credit to the site I have drafted the below letter that I indeed to send Arrow. Dear sir / madam I am contacting you today in reference to a default that you have placed on my credit record incorrectly Please find attached letters received from. Original creditor vanquis in relation to the acc no xxxxxxxx obtained from a SAR request I was issued a default notice by Vanquis in 2015 however I can you see that Arrow have placed a default for the same debt in February 2021 over 6 years later. I am giving your company 14days from the date of this letter to remove the account forthwith from all credit ref files, if you can’t comply with the request I will raise a serious complaint with the ICO without further notice and will be seeking financial compensation for the damage to my credit worthiness. Regards
  2. Thanks for your reply and help on this . So who should I be contacting to ensure the dates are correct on my credit file
  3. Here's the letter sorry for the delay 20210706-155707-converted.pdf
  4. Had a look there is numerous notice of default letters stating payment is needed by a certain date etc
  5. Just received sar today . What should I be looking for
  6. No not yet but as u say if they are not the original creditors then how can they register the default . I will send a sar tomorrow. U recommend doing it by letter?
  7. Just sign up on equifax and arrow have the default date at 22/02/2021 . So going by this it looks like arrow have issued the default What would you recommend doing at this point to remove the default. Would it be easier to just clear the payment
  8. I've noticed that the default date is Feb 2021. I was notified around October 2020 that arrow had taken over the debt
  9. I am not sure if they issued me a default notice, is there a sar template that you would recommend sending. I have moved address since take the card out but did update this with vanquis at the time. I can't be too sure but I think last payment may have been 2019
  10. Hi there I was on an arrangement with vanquis for a number of years paying something like 5.00 per month . Recently I noticed they sold the debt to company called arrow. I haven't paid this debt in a long time. I now notice arrow have now placed a default against me. When I was on an arrangement with vanquis all interest and use of the card was stopped. Should this account not have been defaulted back when this arrangement was set up? the default is for 109 pound which in the grand scheme of things is not alot but just looking for any advise on how I approach this?
  11. Hi there I have noticed on my credit report a default on in July of this year for an old cash genie payday loan, this account started in Nov 2011 and there was no payment since 2011 how is it possible for MMF to issue a default date of 2016, a full 5years after the last payment? Is this possible ? Any advice on this Thanks
  12. Hi Guys Just a quick update, still ignoring these letters. What do you make of the latest one received today? IMG_20160225_120531086.pdf
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