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  1. Thank you. I really want to explain it to Boots manager now but it seems doesn't work. By the way, I still received their ads email. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you! That really help me! I want to buy some clothes and shoes in the same Westfield as that Boots, will staff in there regard me as a thief? Do you know what they can do with photocopy of my ID card? I am so worried of this. Thank you sooooooooooo much!
  3. Hi I am a new student here I was accused of some shoplifting from Boots in a shopping center yesterday by misunderstand. I come there to buy some makeup value £80 and forget to pay for a eye drop value £8. I am so tired and lost and I did not even aware of what was happening then until I was taken to a detention room. The security guy was rude and didn't believe whatever I said and asked my Id card,phone number and address. He had photocopy of my Id card and of me by his phone. He said my info was sent to their system and I was ban to go to Boots forever. I wrote a letter to complain this by e-mail and their web, but no reply so far. I have read some info there so I am not so worried about RLP. What I want to ask for help is: 1. He have my info of ID card and my photo, if I came to other shops, will they know that I was a "thief"? I am very afraid to go shopping now. 2. Will it matters if I look for a job in London? 3. What else influence will this incident have? I really don't want this misunderstanding effect my life and what others think of me, even if strangers. I can't sleep all the night. I like London. Once I thought my future will be bright until this incident happened. So is it demonstrate that I can't stay in London freely any more? Though full of sad, I hope you can tell me the truth and the worst possible in me. Thank you, thank you very much. Any advice will be appreciated.
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