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  1. Don't worry Ploddertom - I have printed a copy which will be kept with the original correspondence they sent me and I have saved on to a memory stick, as well as the archive file in my email! Think I've covered all options!
  2. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this one, but 2 family bereavements in quick succession took up most of my time. However, I have wonderful news! I was about to chase Hounslow for the original copy bill and Liability Order and found they had responded to me : CouncilTax, Hounslow Jul 5 at 1:57 PM Message body Dear Ms xxx, Thank you for your email regarding Council Tax arrears at the above property. On reviewing the case I have decided to write off the debt. This is due to the age of the debt and not because it is not legally collectable, which it is, havi
  3. Thanks everyone for all your advice - I will certainly sit down and go through it all and, hopefully, will get to the bottom of it and come out the other side!
  4. Thank you - I will go back to them with those questions. Hopefully, they'll be able to stave off Newlyn's until these queries have been answered. I will update you on progress.
  5. I need to go and look for their original letter (Oct 2015) as I have to admit I did put them to one side as I honestly thought I was not liable. The Agent "attended" in that he put a letter through my door (I was at work at the time), so I'd not spoken to them (Newlyn) prior to that, nor had I agreed any payment plan he definitely has not been in my property, I know my rights in that he cannot force entry at this time. But, as I said, he seems to be an obnoxious little toad, so I'm not sure what sort of attitude he's going to present when
  6. Thank you for this - although the Council say it is up to ME to prove that I wasn't living there !! Catch-22 methinks! The "Enforcement Agents" are Newlyn plc of Northampton - so are they Debt Collectors or Bailiffs?
  7. As I don't have any paperwork relating to that period (ie rent info for the property I moved into etc) it will be difficult to prove and therein lies my problem!
  8. The original amount was £760.48 and Newlyn have applied their usual fee, bringing it up to £1070.48 owing - I have to say the Enforcement Agent seems to be an obnoxious little man - I spoke to him after a letter was put through my door on 7th June (Notice of Enforcement Agent Visit to Your Premises) - should have said that when I sent my email regarding the Limitation Act I heard no more until this arrived through my door. I was trying to explain the situation to him and he rudely interrupted me saying he "wasn't interested" and I should contact the Council, whic
  9. I'm after some advice please. Last October I received a bill from Hounslow Council for an "alleged" outstanding Council Tax bill from 1997/98, followed very swiftly the following day by a letter from Newlyn Debt Collectors demanding payment - this was for a property I did own with my partner (who sadly died in 1997) - during his illness and subsequent death, I made the mistake of allowing his oldest daughter to stay at the house, which was fine whilst he was still alive, once he had passed, my presence was "no longer required" and I was forced to move out (n
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