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  1. Sorry I'm confused....their apr? I thought I could only add 8% and any more was unrealistic
  2. Hi all.... ........ .....have calculated charges claim using 8% interest on spreadsheet but need template letter to send to vanquis to reclaim...... ........everytime i try and access anything to do with template letters im told i haven`t got sufficient privelleges to access..... .......this applies to posts and CAG MAIL...... ........help please i need to make sure the letter i send is factually and legislatory correct....... .....thanks in advance
  3. No letters.....replied rather quickly tbh still time left Is there any way I can email what they have sent for you check over? I've got 2 threads going on re this (not sure how I managed it) Have calculated charges and interest re the info they have provided
  4. Agreement taken out 2009 Rec copy of standard t&c's and blank reconstituted agreement (short response form) only info is my name and address stating only necessary to provide the original signed copy for court Copy of account notation list of transactions and charges and phone call memos
  5. Thanks Slick will keep making payments until info received Just to re iterate.....no default lodged at any point by B Card The only one is by Link Not sure if they can do this? Will wait for non arrival of CCA then go for charges after i have all statements Thanks again
  6. No credit card info for Robinson way on credit file at all ever........... the only thing that tallys is the outstanding balance that lloyds show on CR with that of OS balance on recent RW letter?? so who owns it? and nothing since 7/5 from Robinson re CCA so they have until tom to reply? 12 + 2 working days i presume what happens then if they exceed that? can they then update file? either LLoyds or Robinson Way? can they generate new entry at any point? I need to re mortgage at some point hence stress!! Sorry so many questions!!
  7. ok so after checking default on LLoyds credit card Nov 2013 NOTHING SINCE
  8. Have just checked credit file and no default..... interestingly file history isnt accurate at all really making a mockery of the whole system will request sar as req and calculate charges then go for FULL settlement thanks DX
  9. I think they have provided a `reconstituted agreement` which is totally devoid of any information pertaining to me other that my name and address and sar was breakdown not full response which is fine as long as its accurate!! without statements is impossible to say it includes copy of notation,key to abbreviations and list of transactions and charges memos at back too re phone calls Hi guys...... Have received reconstituted `blank` agreement in response to CCA req.....they only have to provide signed copy if they commence legal action? Have collated charges
  10. Am waiting for LInk....they are obtaining info from Barclaycard good luck with that one!!!
  11. Thanks Guys...... Can someone please clarify re credit file default Can the DC show default or only the OC My file clearly shows BANK DEFAULT FROM LINK FINANCIAL with Equifax in my list of credit agreements and a D in the payment history Is there any room for negotiation on this ie contacting experian? The barclaycard account was 8 years old at the time of default so they will be unable to provide a credit agreement likewise link I cant believe ive also noticed that aside from the one entry from link showing the default in june 2014 there is NO FURTHER PAYME
  12. Oh and re default have another CC originally with Bcard then sold to link...... LINK have defaulted it???? just checked credit file Sorry for confusion LLoyds card is husbands and dont have immediate access to credit file
  13. So dont start paying Robinson Way again? even though ive paid them direct for a couple of years? My biggest concern is my credit file-doesnt paying them previously mean ive accepted liability? Need to check file now i suppose if nothing registered to them will stop??
  14. Have now had response to SAR...........we will have all your personal information ready by 14th June Swiftly followed by....... we note you are requesting ALL data held this can encompass call recordings AND emails. If you require this data than you return the attached form and if this is required then our 40 day deadline will change as your full requirements were not known when we started your original DSAR!!! We will advise you of the revised deadline when we acknowledge receipt of the form I thought the SAR clearly stated ALL INFORMATION held and fear the
  15. Hi there......posting on behalf of my husband Historic credit card debt card held 30 years Got into problems in the last few years and transferred to Robinson Way Payment arrangement in place and PPI already claimed back from LLoyds 6 years ago No charges ever reclaimed on Credit Card or Current account held for same amount of time. LLoyds have intermittently been chasing too last random contact was to a old previous address of my parents despite them having my current stating that the amount of interest had been accrued incorrectly by them refunding
  16. Response now received from LINK re cca `As i am aware IDR finance purchased my debt from Barclaycard in June 2014 and as such they do not always hold this documentation` They have requested a copy of the agreement and the most recent items and conditions my account was operated under from Barclaycard. This can take up to 30 days to provide NOTHING from Barclaycard re SAR POSTED 5/5 AS OF YET
  17. Have had responses now for both CCA and SAR They are `apparantly` not required to provide a copy of the signed executed agreement-this is only necessary should THEY undertake legal proceedings and not at any time prior to. They have therefore provided a blank reconstituted agreement which proves NOWT and a copy of standard terms and conditions Balance outstanding £1699.96 which is also the amount currently payable by me at any time on demand according to them approx £200 overlimit and late payment charges dating back to 2009.................. Need hel
  18. Hi Dx is there another way round lack of scanner for secure signature? Is that what the email address was for? Need to get these letters off and worried that they will lift my signature
  19. Thats great thankyou... Am i limited to how many threads i can start? have another debt with LLoyds/Robinson way i need help with and also some advice re a CCJ with Idem
  20. Cheers DX As i dont have a scanner can i upload a picture from my phone?
  21. If i`m sending a CCA and SRA do i wait for the reply re the CCA first? Am i right in thinking i have to sign the SRA? if they have my signature wo n`this is give them the opportunity to apply this to a potentially non exsistant CCA? Or should i just print my name in pen as my signature? I have no scanner so unable to use your safe signature system
  22. Thats great....thanks for the advice Regarding the CCA and SAR one says to add signature and one isnt necessary If i send both requests at the same time isnt that giving the company the opportunity to copy my signature onto a potentially non exsistant CCA? Is it acceptable to just print my name in pen?
  23. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but i can`t find one for vanquis i have an historic card 2005/6 with a payment plan currently in place@ £40 pm outstanding balance £1800 credit limit was £3k but credit line now withdrawn no default on the acc but not used for years so outstanding balance largely interest and charges although interest now frozen. Guessing i need to CCA and SAR Does anyone know the best address to write to as the only one i can find here is years old Thanks in advance
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