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  1. Wonga got back to me with a full list of statements seems that from jan 2012 to mar 2013 i was able to borrow 14 out of 15 months amounts totaling £6940 with charges of £1449 ish complaint issued, i had been part of their previous FCA driven remediation policy and had about 100 of my final 1400 debt paid off and records removed from credit ref? Has anyone had any joy in the above circumstances? Money shop got back to me saying they do not have to provide statements as no debt is outstanding as per their terms and conditions, which i suppose is fine if a bit small of them, not sure if
  2. So MR Lender were the first to get back from me agreed information to be removed from credit ref and a cash refund offer that after a bit of negotiation over the phone was acceptable to me and paid within 24 hours of agreed resolution.
  3. My loans were as follows: Mr Lender x 2 loans Wonga every month for 6 to 8 months Money shop every month for 8 to 12 months Payday express x 2 loans Ladder loans and pounds to pocket were 12 to 18 month loans with payments of about 150 each... I shall be making the crux of my complaints to all companies on the grounds of lending without engaging in correct and proper affordability checks and as a result lending amounts that were clearly not sustainable, essentially each one of them seems to have only assessed my ability to repay them rather than my ability to repay them
  4. throughout 2012 -2013 i had a large number of Payday loans it came to a head 2013-2014 as they were unsustainable and arrangements were made all of them and all of the loans were paid off during 2014-2015 as a result i have no outstanding balances left Wonga - who wrote off about 150 left of what was a 1400 loan when they did their refund action and removed their information from credit reference files. Pounds to Pocket – Interest written off and removed their information from credit reference files. Ladder loans – Interest written off, but no credit reference action t
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