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  1. Nothing looked off about the machine (I do check that as I am seriously paranoid about card skimming) and its not really in a place where someone could fiddle with it without being noticed (right next to the till in a quite busy store) The bank, however, claim that the first transaction made on the card..even before I used the ATM, was to this merchant. Though the money didn't start coming off my account until way after that. Its all confusing me so much
  2. I have put in a switch request already. Switching to RBS as my partner has been with them for years and years and has never had a complaint about anything. I really don't know why I didn't just go to them to begin with..wish I had now as I don't think this would have happened with another company. I have no idea how anyone could have got my card details. This was a completely new bank account..the card came for it, the payments started showing a week or so later. I thought I had used the card before the payments started being requested but from what the bank says, I hadn't. Which is odd a
  3. I have calmed down about this now. Mainly as I have sorted my rent by selling a few things. Now I am angry at the situation rather than upset. I no longer have a mobile phone, a cooker or a TV in my sitting room. I will get these things back, but thats besides the point. I recieved the letter from customer relations this morning. They say that the bank have followed the correct guidelines in refusing my refund and that I still will not be getting one. Again as the merchant has my correct details. And because a payment to the merchant was the first card payment m
  4. My previous posts seem to have merged into one and now it doesnt make sense? I think I am doing this posting thing wrong, I have never been on a forum before until I joined here. I have now edited it, and took out the spacing that has randomly inserted itself in the middle of sentences also Also yes, I was turned down for overdraft that I mentioned earlier.
  5. Sorry I thought my reply earlier was to the OP of this thread, I see now I was wrong. Please don't fear the tribunal. They are independent and it sounds like you have plenty of evidence to back you up.
  6. It usually works out that (if possible) IS is more than ESA when carers allowance is involved. Also ESA..is not a good idea really. Your mum will have to go to fit for work tests and such which do not have a great track record of being honest.. I would advise not to switch to ESA, or at least speak to the CAB about the options.
  7. Did the decision change without a tribunal? Congratulations on getting your rightful award though finally. The stories I head about these 'medicals' are truly shocking. I do not understand how the word of your doctor, consultant and whoever else is involved in your care can be overwritten by the likes of a retired midwife with 3 weeks disability training.
  8. I highly suggest taking in the letter in person, unless this will stress you more. if it will maybe someone else can take it in for you? And yes, customer relations are unfortunately for the most part, useless.
  9. They stopped the day I took the letter into the store and told them in no uncertain terms that coming to the door again would result in the police being called.
  10. Sorry this is happening to you. My partner had issues with this company last year. They were calling at her house 10 times a day despite knowing she was in hospital at the time and were trying to bully whoever was looking after the kids that day into making her payments? They even got my mother (who does anything she is told, she has terrible anxiety issues and can't deal with any kind of conflict) to call the hospital to ask my partner if she would call the store and make a card payment over the phone, thats how bad it got. We did put in a letter removing t
  11. OK I have sent another. Do not expect a reply again though. Thank you for the help so far but I am really starting to feel this is a lost cause. I have my landlord breathing down my neck (rightfully) as I do not have his money. I have no way of getting it right now, I can lend it off my father in 2 weeks but by then it will be even more late. The whole situation is just ridiculous to me. How on earth it can be said that these payments are not fraudulent as the merchant has my name, address and DOB (which were provided to them by myself anyway in order to 'locate'/close the acco
  12. I sent an email to that email address 2 weeks back. Here is the exact email, please tell me what I did wrong? or help me with what to put into the new one As I stated earlier, I didn't get a reply at all to this.
  13. Yorkshire bank. I'm not sure how to argue this, as just get put through to supervisors who repeat the same thing over and over at me and say they cannot help as the correct details are held by the company so this means this cannot be fraud and there is nothing they can do about it. Also I don't know why my previous post spaced out in the way it did, I did not do that.
  14. OK will take that letter in tomorrow, thank you Unfortunately the bank has now made perfectly clear that I will not be getting a refund for the fraud, so the rest. .I don't really know what to do about it? I actually mentioned the FCA thing to them and they reckon that as this merchant had my address, name and DOB this means that I did authorize the transactions?! Seems a bit crazy to me.
  15. I think chargeback is what I tried to do. I asked to speak to fraud and was put through to retail disputes It has been reported to actionfraud already, though from what I gather they tend to use reports mainly for statistics rather than actually investigating. The card was cancelled already. I am not sure how on earth this could have happened to be quite honest. It was a new card though..like literally the week before the payments started, I was sent the card. I apparently need a letter of deadlock to take this onto the ombudsman..which I have now asked for. The bank seem to thi
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