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  1. how do i stop dial a tv coming to my door for a previous tennant? doing my head in now
  2. i still get called 3/4 times a day as my trucaller app recognises the number so yes still get harassed on a daily basis.and had that visit.going to put in complaints now to relevant people.and i will not go into store i have emailed & sent letters
  3. seems staff at luton store don't listen to the no home visits.today a card was left saying i wasn't home.i'm informing the police now as it's trespassing! clearly they have no respect for the law and think they are above it.also phone calls are happening 3/4 times a day still.all harassment & i'm sick of it.i will only communicate in writing now with head office.i will not be going to the store to be bullied and threatend
  4. so i've emailed & written a letter with offer of weekly payments of what i can afford & they haven't even sent a response! also wrote about reclaiming penalty fees & insurance & no response.customer relations are diaboloical
  5. i will be putting complaints in to the relevant bodies.and get all late fees & missold insurance money back!
  6. funny how jason at brighthouse on this thread hasn't commented or replied to my emails too.
  7. on a good note i have 24 hour cctv surveillance at my property so they will seen coming to my address ☺
  8. i'm going to record them if they come again and hand them the written removed rights of access and then call the police
  9. i have sent emails to customer relations,the ceo leo mckee and the person jason at brighthouse who commented on this thread & still they knock my door etc.i will call the police next time they show up
  10. maybe i need to hand deliver the removed rights of access then.as customer relations are as pointless as glasses on a goldfish.they haven't sent no response and it's been over a week
  11. i'm actually getting stressed to the point it's making my epilepsy worse. have they stopped coming to your door? how long did it take for them to stop? did they listen when you removed their right of access?
  12. so i've sent emails to the ceo and jason at brighthouse yet today they have still turned up at my home! the email was the one about not coming to my house,do brighthouse think they are above the law???
  13. jasonatbrighthouse furthermore i am going to contact the fos about every late payment penalty i have paid as clearly unlawful as is your 5star dlc and osc cover & demand it all back ☺.it was missold
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