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  1. Defendant 2 sent a Witness Statement on 4th March. deadline date for replying was 9th March. So why not file a defence in time? Why use "wrong address" as an excuse? It seems like misleading the Court
  2. Defendant 1 filed a defence in time. They have asked for amended defence. They have yet to get permission Defendant 2 did not file a defence in time. Just learnt extended defence awaiting approval. To date judge has not approved amended defence for 1 or late defence for 2
  3. Defendant 1 has not got my permission to amend defence nor to date from a judge https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part17
  4. Defendant 1 filed an amended defence a week after deadline. A judge or myself have to agree. Right? My claim may be weak but their practices seem dodgy.
  5. I have sent my DQ The Defendants were 1 and 2 not joint. Defendant 2 received an extended defence. She pleaded extra time because it was sent to wrong address. It was sent to her office (dont have home address). I was not given notice of this request. Judgment against her failed as she got extra time claiming "wrong address". Defendant 1 was to same office. They filed in time. So did then defence team. Defendant 2 completed a "witness statement" which was received in time - but not a defence. So why allowed extra time? This seems dodgy.
  6. They have drawn up a draft consent order and are going to send me a copy to sign. I assume from them?
  7. Would I be left with their lawyers fees if I accept a Strike Out?
  8. section 3.4 of cpr. My claim bound to fail as I didnt give proper legal basis
  9. The Consent Order is to accept a Strike Out
  10. Do you mean? Yes as good as it sounds No catch Or Yes and No to both parts?
  11. They being the defendants lawyers. Is No Order to Costs as good as it sounds or is there a catch?
  12. The are proposing I accept a Strike Out but with no order to costs. Does this mean no charges at all Court fees and lawyers fees.
  13. How much could costs be and what if you can't pay? My Directions Questionnaire is due next week. Should I send a statement\rebuttal with that? The Defence has asked a judge to extend the time for one of the defendants. Both defendants are at the same address so I can't see how one an reply (with a vague defence) and the other not at all. They hired lawyers after I asked for a Judgment on Defendant who didn't respond. Their lawyer saying my claim wasn't detailed enough. It was concise and laid out my case and what remedy ie damages I w
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