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  1. Ok I understand what your saying but I didn't make a fraudulent claim in the first instance I have severe health issues and I am certainly appealing
  2. No it didn't and they are allowing me to appeal head is spinning with this the letter says nothing about fraud or prosecution just descion maker descion benefits stopped
  3. I am certainly appealing I just don't know if this is the end of it or they will look to prosecute me
  4. Hi all, Ok been the worst 7 months if my life but I got a letter today from the DWP re the above, they have stopped my befits from April 2011 as this is the date I started my job. The things they said in the letter were completely wrong and they did even mention things I said in the interview under caution. They. Say they will write to me to see what happens next so I am now panicking thinking this is still not over, but in the letter they say I can appeal the decision! I'm confused on one hand they are saying I am not entitled to anything but I can appeal! If anyone can give me any advi
  5. That's what I thought but she just diss messed it altogether she was trying to get me to admit my condition had improved and I have failed to notify the DWP
  6. Thanks for the reply I hope so but again I still don't feel as if I've done anything wrong the interviewer was saying higher rate DLA was for people who could not walk but I was assessed I'm 1992 and you could walk 50 yards and were stil awarded it, I'm going to get dome legal advice just as a precaution.
  7. Ok I've had the interview under caution and it was horrific they asked me questions about my condition how I manage my condition and do I think I have improved, this was constant for over an hour, the interviewer then asked about my employment to which I have a good an detailed explanation of my job travel and duties, to which the interviewer said she had visited my place of work and had a witness statement from my boss who claims she did not know I had mobility issues, granted I have kept that private but she wa aware of my back and neck problems, the interviewer made me feel like a criminal
  8. I will I hope the matter will be resolved this week
  9. Yeah I know thanks for the advice Friday can't come soon enough
  10. Hi the letter clearly says its caution, my Dad has the same condition as me but far worse, my blue badge expired recently and I borrowed his to do some shopping he was also with me at the time, I marked in a disabled bay in a city centre, maybe this is just me hoping I have been 'grassed' if you like but if a traffic warden saw me getting in and out my car possibly me walking better than normal could he (the warden) become suspicious and contact the DWP or report it someone who might again I'm clutching but the thought of someone reporting me makes me feel very uneasy as there is very few peop
  11. Thanks for the reply I've got all my medical records and even the last report from my consultant who states I'm getting worse, my only concern is all the DWP will have is my initial claim 24 years ago, I don't even remember what was asked at that time but based on the other posters in this type of forum they will have evidence to suggest I can do things now I said I couldn't do back then. I do have better days than others and sine days I can walk further and better than other days but I'm still terrified!
  12. Hi everyone I really hope someone out there can give some advice about my issue. On Friday I received a letter from DWP saying I had to attend an interview under caution about a fraudulent benefit claim, I was mortified, I called the number given and spoke to the person who is interviewing me and she stated that it's was about my DLA claim and they think my condition has improved, this is all the information the lady would give. The interview is this Friday the 15th and I have not been able to eat or sleep since receiving the letter. My condition I think is bad I have a form of arthrit
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