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  1. Went for today's appointment and the coach was nearly 15 minutes late seeing me because she was in a meeting with her manager. I'd have known that without being told as she started nagging me again about using Jobmatch to record my jobsearch activity. She asked for my paper record which I gave her, then she asked me the question when she was halfway through. COACH: "Don't you use Universal Jobmatch to record this? You don't have to write it all down." ME: "Writing it down is the easiest way of helping me remember everything I've done, and apart from that the UJ diary has a charact
  2. I just forward my coach the automated confirmation email you get when you've applied, and I only do that if it's one they've matched me to (the only ones they actually check). I have to go to the library to use a printer so I can't really afford to print off half a rainforest. Technically you can give your jobsearch evidence verbally if you want to; it's just most of us don't because most people don't have that sort of photographic memory. What I find interesting about this Jobcentre is, all the members of staff I've spoken to have the Same. Robotic. Manner. When I was on the dole in Bir
  3. I said that, and she said it was so she could see what my CV looked like. I actually had a paper copy on me, which she refused to read. I asked why an electronic version was more valid, and she couldn't answer that one; just said I could go and she'd see me when I next attend (Monday 28th). I'm fortunate to be quite naturally forthright and not easily bullied, but it just makes me so angry that they're lying to people who may or may not be aware of their rights. The fact she wouldn't accept the paper version is just proof that they only want to monitor and control you, and they're more i
  4. Not to mention that if I really did fit the stereotype of some skiver who needs spying on 24/7, logically I also wouldn't bother neatly writing down what I had done in such vivid detail. The coaches at this JCP aren't very helpful either. I started a (short-lived) restaurant job earlier this week after attending an interview the JCP had told me to attend despite having no experience in that sector at all. It wasn't only the threat of having my UC stopped that made me attend, I also genuinely wanted to try it out to see if I liked it as it was something new. Unfortunately, despite the prom
  5. (BUMPING WITH AN UPDATE) I found work in February but the organisation made cutbacks so had to leave in September. I moved cities and am now signing on at a different Jobcentre. Every time I go there, I speak to someone different. They all lie to you and say your jobsearch *has* to be presented in your Jobsmatch account, but they do back off when you quote the bits from the Toolkit that contradict this. Not only that, but the "Your work search" section of the paperwork they give you when you first claim specifically says: Recording your job search You also need to keep a reco
  6. Happy to help. Being unemployed and dealing with the red tape involved is no fun, but I hope it does help others to know they're not alone in dealing with it.
  7. Hey Workaholic! I'll try and answer your questions as best I can: Yes, it seems that under the UC system, you submit your claim online and Capita staff then ring you to arrange the meeting. This should be done within two working days of the claim being made. They told me to take a copy of my CV to the meeting, that's when she asked me to email it to her JCP email address. I've been asked to do this every time I've claimed in the last few years, and this also happened under JSA. That's not something that worries me personally, though I can see why many people wouldn't be happy to entr
  8. Cheers Nystagmite, I'm sure it will! Even if I don't get that particular role, I've never been out of work for too long anyway so I feel fairly confident something will change soon.
  9. Thanks Theronstar. I saw her again yesterday as she's booked me onto this Seetec course for the next couple of weeks. It actually doesn't sound too bad - you get a guaranteed interview with RBS at the end of it, so not the punishment she was making it sound. She was lovely yesterday, saying I was obviously very proactive and it wouldn't be long before I found something; and she didn't even moan when I explained that I'd still be looking for work until RBS actually had interviewed me and made a definitive offer of employment. She even cancelled one of our meetings she had booked! I reckon
  10. Exactly Mr P. If you or I got let go from a job for not being productive enough, that could affect our entitlement to benefits if we needed them. Yet she's admitting she can't be arsed to do her job? The hypocrisy burns. Funnily enough, she's not the first person in that JCP who I've heard complaining about having to do work while she's, you know, at work. Just this morning while waiting outside, the security guard inside was ****ing about on his mobile phone and didn't unlock the doors for us until 09:02. If I'd ended up not being seen due to lateness, I would have blamed him. One of th
  11. UPDATE: Ha ha. Just got back home from the "interrogation". Think my new coach is going to be a bit of nice, bit of nasty depending on her mood. I shall have to see... My appointment was 09:05 so I made sure to arrive early. The building was still closed when I got there and this person was running late so one of her colleagues (who I've met before and was always OK with me) took all my ID and explained everything. When the woman I was meant to see arrived, she drafted up my Claimant Commitment and we discussed all my work experience, then she asked me to email her my CV. Which was fine,
  12. Hiya Nystagmite. That's right, it does. The request was made in a confirmation email by the Capita employee who phoned me on Thursday night to arrange the meeting. It looked like a standard one they send everyone, so I assume anyone arranging a UC claim is asked to provide these. What a cheek! I'll see what happens tomorrow, and at least I know I'm legally in the right on this. I think it's disgusting that they are relying on and exploiting people's lack of knowledge about the system. The good news is that since the economy tanked in 2008, most of the staff in my JCP have come to know me
  13. Thanks, will do. I remember the bloke who didn't like the way I'd written out my jobsearch was making his threats about "taking action", which is when I took pleasure in telling him that wasn't true, according to the DWP's own toolkit (Chapter 3, Paragraph 82). The manager happened to be nearby and laughed "Blimey, she knows it better than we do!" Killed two birds with one stone, as the jobsworth realised I wasn't going to be pushed around, and so did his boss. To be fair, this particular bloke was a lot politer whenever he signed me on after that. Friends have asked me if I'm not c
  14. Frighteningly Big Brotherish. Thanks for your reply Honeybee. I'm also going to read up on the UC regs Theronstar has kindly posted. If I have to, I'll also argue that it's one of the conditions when you sign up not to share your login details, so that request is unreasonable. I'll look forward to hearing other people's experiences of this.
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