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  1. This post is mostly for archive (May be useful for others) - as you've already said to ignore. But the latest letter is through from Zinc
  2. Ah probably just a coincidence that they have offices close-by! Cheers again slick!
  3. Got a call today from Zinc and they left an message to call back. Couldn't help but notice it was a local number - should i be expecting them at my door soon? If so, what's the approach?
  4. Aucht there was me thinking that i could go ahead with the last bullet point :-D:-D Cheers Slick
  5. Received an email from The Zinc Group - seems fairly automated. I assume the response here is "nothing". Then includes a table for all sorts of options including : Income And Expenditure Make an Offer Use Payment Slider Request no obligation reduced settlement amount pay by debit/credit card check your balance Enjoy peace of mind by taking control of your finances (haha)
  6. Hi Slick, Just to update - next letter is through from CRS saying that this is being passed to Zinc Group Ltd (As you probably expected!). I know not to reply here and i'll inform as Zinc get in touch. Cheers!
  7. No worries Slick, just thought i'd keep up to date. I've seen other threads that end up with this other company...good for archive here i guess
  8. Next letter through from CRS - The account balance is at 171.47 now apparantly. Threatening two options : 1) Legal action due to breach of Xercise 4 Less Contract 2) Outsource to External agents What's your advice here Slick?
  9. Cheers Slick, thought that might be the case. Will keep you posted
  10. Next letter arrived - this time from CRS (Credit Resolution Services)
  11. Cheers Slick, will get the reply out!
  12. So we have another response! Dragging on a bit this now! So the two days they alleged i attended the gym: 09/01/16 18:50 - A completely non-standard time we they've shown with their data. And i'd have had to have posted this thread in the afternoon then brass necked into the gym the same night! 11/01/16 - I was working, started work at around 8AM. It seems unlikely i could attend the gym at 07:44 and attend the and arrive at the office at 8AM considering my office is across the other side of the city. (The reason i stopped going is due to me moving offices from 4 miles to
  13. Cheers Slick, they are really dragging this out eh!? Common sense must prevail at some point, surely!
  14. Quicker response now we're in email : They attached a screenshot of two entry times which are false with regards to whether i entered or not, and are also times which they'll clearly see i never accessed the gym on these times previously so it's a good highlight of something wrong on their end - whether it's someone else using my code or they've just re-issued it.
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