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  1. Hi there, Any advice welcome! In may 2015 I ordered a 3 seat leather sofa from littlewoods which was delivered on the 2nd june 2015. Towards the end on november we noticed the middle of the sofa was bowing and actually touching the floor so contacted littlewoods who arranged for an 'engineer' to visit and assess. The assessor came on the 18th december and summarised that the sofa was inadequately supported in the centre and his idea of fixing the problem was to put a plstic black leg in the middle of the sofa bearing in mind that th other feet on the sofa are dark brown wood! He asked me to sign to say he'd been which i did and then he left. I called littlewoods to say i was unhappy with this as my sofa had been modified not repaired and the agent agreed this was unsatisfactory and would arrange another 'engineer' to come out. since then i have had a call saying I signed to say i was happy with the repair and as a result they were not prepared to take any further action regarding replacement or repair. Im new to making a complaint but surely they have a right to ensure the sofa is exactly how i bought it not to just chuck an extra leg on there and think it is acceptable? How should i approach this?
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