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  1. Like you mentioned I'd have to ring and ask the local council. Edit: But retrospective knowledge is stupid, I've now done some investigation and i'm now sure the place i parked is NOT on the road
  2. Sorry, Probably it came across the wrong way I was using "they" - meaning the DVLA , I didn't mean you made the interpretation Edit: Any advice how i can fight this?
  3. In that case Why did they then only use the term "road and public highway" when mentioning where you cannot park? This was never explicitly described in this way to me when i was declaring SORN. Not everyone is an experienced expert analyst on this issues. If this wasn't designed to catch people out and make money, it should be explicitly explained. On my own part i genuinely made investigations of where i could park it and DVLA office I rang up who said i've got to obtain permission. If instead it was described the way you described it, I would known my local council car park is a road
  4. Hello, A policeman arrive at my flat recently saying my vehicle, which I had declared SORN, was illegally parked on the public highway. Soon the vehicle was towed away and a couple of days afterwards I received a hefty fine letter from the DVLA The fact of the matter was that my car wasn't parked on the road or a public highway, infact at the time i was declaring it SORN I first rang the DVLA (because i didn't have a garage, i only live in a small flat) and i was told i could on a place which is not the public road/highway as i long i got permission from the owner (not exact quote a
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