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  1. Good question! I'm most likely mind-reading into the situation based on reading other's reports about cancellation issues...and expecting them to treat me the same! I'm overthinking it all perhaps.. Thanks
  2. Thankyou for your reply! So, there's no need to try to get a cancellation receipt from the local gym staff? All I have is two cancellation codes I wrote down. Thanks.
  3. Dear Forum, Just looking for some advice in order not to fall into the well-reported problems with cancelling DW Sports contracts. - Me and my wife each have a 6 month contract (which will run for 14 months if not cancelled) - Our contracts started in Feb and March respectively. - DW Sports terms and conditions allow for cancellation if you have a "change of circumstances" (Clause 12, Section 3) - We are moving abroad on the 15 June 2017 So, we did the following. Went to the gym where the manager got us to fill in the online cancellation form - we did this and got a
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