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  1. Sorry...yes I see... Its not statute barred Defence filed no paperwork despite requests I suppose it was just a post to see what I should do next... I have had comms from the court saying it's stayed, however since then I have received some, although not all, paperwork from arrow. I just assume that they will apply to lift the stay and not sure where to go now.... Thanks
  2. They are claiming for a loan of 8k to egg. Arrow instructed restons, after my defence was filed they took it back to their in house team.
  3. I have a stayed claim from august. My defence was based on no documentation. Today I have received a copy of agreement with all details apart from terms and conditions, the agreement dates back to 2001 I also asked for default notice in the form of for request but this did not come in the bundle that I received, only a notice of arrears. Does anyone have any idea of how I can respond, would an unless order be an idea? Or, just go back and re request the information? I have been given until November to go back to the CCA, but don't think they have supplied me w
  4. Thank you for your help! So, not registered post?
  5. Thank you, do you recommend putting for CCA agreement only on the back?
  6. Thank you. Having never bought a postal order before, I have read on here that I should not fill in the postal order - is this correct?
  7. But if I do keep quiet and don't respond within deadline they may take me to court? It does say that they have been instructed to take me to court and I'd rather not get a CCJ. If I write the letter will this reset the SB? SB gauging from last payment.
  8. Thank you for your responses. They say it refers to an Egg loan, approx 8k. I have been contacted by a number of different Agencies regarding this, but I didn't receive any communication to say it had been transferred the first time, indeed the only comms I received were to my new address saying it had been sold on from initial debt management company to Arrow and not from Egg to Arrow so they are the third people who have owned it. It's confusing as I have a plethora of Account numbers they quote and nothing has a correspondence address... can you recommend where I can refer to
  9. Hi there, thank you for responding. The solicitors are a company called Drydens Fairfax, saying their Client is arrow global. ...unsure of how to handle!
  10. I have received a letter saying "If we do not hear from you by X we have instructions to issue legal proceedings against you in county court to recover the full balance outstanding. PLease be aware that, if it is necessary to issue legal proceedings, there will be additional costs incurred for which you may be held liable" Should I call them, if not what would you suggest as my next action? Think this is around 6 months from SB. Thank you
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