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  1. Thanks, I understand it a bit better now. Having the account settled isn't just about my credit score. I've given up work to care for my daughter and I will return to work when my situation changes. If, as you've pointed out, it doesn't mean the debt is not still owed, can they take a more aggressive stance once I'm earning more money? My main goal was being debt free once I returned to work.
  2. This is why I was asking the question. Last time I posted on the other thread for another creditor I pointed out that Link marked the debt as partially settled despite me offering fully settled. After the funds had been transferred etc Andyorch posted saying he could have given me info to send that would have made it watertight and get it marked fully settled. I'm no expert which is why I'm here asking people who know a lot more than me. If it can't be done then it can't be done. I do have another question. I'm currently paying £1 towards the debt and it's been 3 ye
  3. Yes it is. It defaulted and I then agreed to make weekly payments of £1. I used Noddle, as recommended on here prior to settling the other creditor. That was also partial however once Noddle had been updated the debt was showing as zero and settled. I'm not sure if another more in-depth report would show up more info. I notice when they say they'll accept partial they always include text stating that it'll be marked on your file as such and that it could affect lenders decisions if trying to obtain credit etc.
  4. Andyorch mentioned being able to make it watertight that they'd mark it as settled on this thread re another debt http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458015-IDR-Link-claimform-old-Barclaycard-Debt&p=4902604#post4902604 Unlike Link, this creditor (1st Credit) were willing to listen to my circumstances and accept an offer less than 10% of the outstanding debt. Truth is I'm more than happy to pay this amount however based on what Andyorch said I thought I would ask the question. Sorry forgot to mention that they have emailed stating in accepting the settlement
  5. Hi, Due to some of the fantastic help on here I've managed to come to a settlement with a creditor who'd taken over the above debt. I'd asked that they accept the settlement as full and final thus marking the debt as such however they've stated it would be marked partial but that neither them nor any other third party would pursue me for the remainder. Is anyone aware of anything I might be able to request or put forward to them in order to have the debt marked settled in full etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Andyorch, I've got my only other creditor willing to accept a settlement however they're saying it would be marked as partial but that they nor no other third party will pursue me. If there's a way to get them to mark it as fully settled that would be great.? If it's best for me to start another thread guys, please let me know?
  7. They have no choice but to remove the CCJ as it was paid within the 30 days. I'd read that debts on your credit file marked partially settled could still go against you hence why i made the offer as full and final settlement? I also emailed them the complaint form and received a response this afternoon stating that their solicitors had called the court requesting that the correct date be applied and the CCJ removed from the register. They didn't mention the complaint re the debt showing as partial/fully settled on my file.
  8. Spoke to Citizen Advice who weren't much help at all. Spoke to Money Advice Service who were helpful. They've informed me to raise a complaint with Link asking them to contact the court with the correct date plus contact credit reference agencies stating they need to now mark it as full and final settlement. If they fail to act on either then I can take it to the Financial Ombudsmen.
  9. Called the court and they've confirmed it as settled however they were informed it was paid on 9th May not 3rd. Told them I have an email from Link confirming it was received on 3rd however the court stated Link need to inform them otherwise the CCJ will remain on for 6 years. To say I'm disgusted is an understatement.
  10. I'm in the dark at the moment to be honest. After making the payment I asked them to confirm it had been received which they did stating they'd informed the courts it had been settled on 3rd (within 30 days) and had informed credit agencies it had been partially settled. I responded stating that I put the offer to them as full and final and that they said £1500 would be accepted as settlement. I pointed out that had they stated this was partial then I would have queried it and they didn't. I asked that they confirm they had indeed marked it as full settled and
  11. They registered the CCJ however the settlement was made within the 30 day period and I was led to believe this would mean the CCJ wouldn't show against me. They stated that they'd informed the courts settlement had been received. I called the court however they said they hadn't yet caught up with correspondence for the date in question and I should call back next week. They did state that if they're contacted being informed they've agreed a settlement that they remove the CCJ from the records so fingers crossed. I contacted Link again stating that I made p
  12. I didn't and totally messed things up. Had a lot going on this end with my daughter. Ultimately a CCJ was taken out against me and because of what was going on my mum said she would pay the debt. I was naive and forwarded Link my daughters doctors letter confirming her condition etc in order to highlight my circumstances and show that simply wasn't trying to get out of paying. I then made an offer to Link for full and final settlement which was rejected with them saying 'the short offer of £800' was rejected however that they would be willing to accept '£1500.00 a
  13. Name of the Claimant ? IDR Finance UK II Limited Date of issue – 11th March 2016 What is the claim for – 1. - The claimant claims the whole of the outstanding balance due and payable under an agreement referenced x and opened effective from 12/09/2006. The agreement is regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, was signed by the defendant and from which the credit was extended to the defendant. 2.The defendant failed to make payment as required and by 26/06/14 a default was recorded. As at 16/06/2014 the defendant owed Barclaycard PLC the sum of 258332.
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