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  1. The pic I posted up here was the letter. Says all details on there. Shall i appeal or pay? Needs doing asap
  2. I didn't go back. Have been very busy. I can't turn it into a pdf on my phone
  3. I haven't got access to a scanner I have a pic of the letter on my phone. Can I email it? Or WhatsApp?
  4. Yeah I was getting out to get change for the parking but there were no spaces. So I pulled into a hatched area y I went for change. The car had my misses in it still. When I come back there was a space but the man had issued the ticket already. So I said I might as well leave the car there. I didn't I left and went else where.
  5. I have got a pic of the ticket on my phone I took pic of the letter. Has anyone got email or WhatsApp I can send to?
  6. Got caught on the 2nd Jan. And ticket issued 5th Jan. Think it came in post on the 6th
  7. No anpr. Just issued with the NTK I need to pay in the next couple of days or it will double. Shall i pay?
  8. The other thing is I haven't even been issued a ticket. I had nothing on my screen and nothin on my screen in the pics
  9. Yeah that's the one. I will pop there after work 2moro and take some pics. I don't know how to attach them on here. Anyone got whatsapp? Haha
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