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  1. Thanks for your reply. The shortfall has been paid by myself and my ex partner at different times over the last few years - currently at around £20 a month. We do discuss this and things are amicable between us having both remarried and moved on with our lives except for this issue which ties us financially. When we split up she stayed in the property and I paid toward the mortgage until the point when she realised that she would be in a better financial situation to move into rented property and receive financial support/benefits towards this. She dropped t
  2. Thanks for reading. I have an outstanding debt (mortgage shortfall) following voluntary repossession. This was originally with N Rock - Together mortgage. Then NRAM. Now Whistletree. The debt is split into 2 entries on my CRA file. 1st = 30k. 2nd = 10k. The 6 year default period expires August 2021 when they will disappear from my CRA file - I understand that the debt still needs to be paid after this period of time. At present there is a payment of £20 a month going towards the debt. My intention is to make a f
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