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  1. @dx100uk thanks for the reply. Still havn't heard anything from them.
  2. Hi, firstly thanks for reading this post!! i'm gonna try and keep this short and simple and skip why its been this late.. the car overstayed in BP petrol station Hatton cross for 11mins from 13:53 to 14:34 on 05/03/17. I received two PCNs from ECP (double dipping?), both identical but with different PCN numbers (my dad did say he left and came back to buy something else). i've been away (dad has no english to deal with this) came back to find a Notice to Keeper from ECP, and debt recovery letters from two different companies. Again, both compaines hav
  3. Hey guys, just got the letter that it's cancelled!!! Thank you all for your time and help!! i'll donate
  4. Ok. Thanks for your help guys. I'm gonna have to use the email-challenge option as i've run out of time. But i'll keep this post updated once i get the result. Thanks!!
  5. thanks guys for replying so quick!! @mikeymack2002 I totally missed that one!! thanks. @Jamberson I didn't have time to go to the council or phone them up, but i found some details from their website: "The register lists all streets within Haringey, who is responsible for maintaining them and whether the road has been adopted or not." When i search for "Alexandra Road", this is the list returned: (i've only copied the ones with N10) Search with "Alexandra Park Road": Well, with the first image, Grosvenor Rd connects with Alexandra PARK road (coords 51.5
  6. Hi guys, i've been trying to register to other forums (more than 14 days!!) but cant even register, thank this website i was able to register and post for help!! I have a PCN here with correct picture and vehicle registration number, but the contravention address is not printed clearly, cannot even read it. The stated junction does not exist; Colney Hatch Lane with Alexandra Road. The juniction with Colney Hatch Lane is Alexandra PARK road, not Alexandra Road. Although Alexadra Road exists near Colny Hatch Lane, it is not a junction with it. google maps coords: 51.603039, -0.14
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