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  1. Thought I would give an update. We informed 1st credit that we were in Canada and send another CCA request. Since then they have send two more letters hinting that we could settle for a lesser amount. It has gone rather quite after the last letter. The province we are in debt becomes statue barred after two years so we are already past that as we stopped paying in May 2013 or potentially earlier and we do not have assets in the UK. Thank you for your help and advice, when we got the first letter it shook us fairly badly however after seeking advice we are much calmer about the whole thing.
  2. In early 2000, we moved to Canada from the UK, At the time we owed ~13000 pounds to Lloyds on a credit card. Until around 2013 we struggled to pay the minimum balance, by this time it was transfered to APEX. In May we asked for a CCA and paid the fee. APEX acknowledged the request in writing and informed us they had asked lloyds for the information. The account was placed on hold. We still have not received that information As of today Lloyds have informed us they have sold the debt to 1st Credit. My many questions are as follows 1) Should we ask 1st Credit for the CCA? 2) As the CCA has not been complied with what should we do ? 2) If they are unable to produce it what is likely to happen ? 3) If this drags on for six years what happens then ? 4) Is it worthwhile offering a full and final settlement and what would be a reasonable percentage ? 5) Is this debt enforceable / transferable to Canada 6) Can I ask 1st Credit to contact us only by post 7) What is likely to happen if we ignore this request Thanks in advance
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