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  1. Tell me about it, I am furious with myself but have just not had a second thought about it all with the hectic home this last 2 weeks. I had up until the 5th so have missed it by a few days. There is definitely no other routes to possibly take is there?
  2. Hi, sadly after all that I didn't get chance to submit any defence and imagine have screwed the chances. My partner gave birth to our baby on January 22nd and then spent a week in hospital after going through a bad time. Since getting get home on the 29th I have completely forgot about the urgent need of this due to being so busy at home with a recovering partner, a newborn and the rest of the children. I can only assume I will need to pay this debt off in full to avoid CCJ? Thanks
  3. It will be the one titled LEGAL : CPR 31.14 Request - Request for information when a Claim has been issued, is that correct? Need to make sure I get it correct
  4. Apologies for the late response, had internet problems. I have logged on tonight and clicked defend all but have not started putting anything in the defence section as of yet as I am not 100% sure what I need to put in. Do I need to check the Acknowledgement of Service section while I am there too? Thanks
  5. Oh so I have to initially defend it before requesting a Tomlin order?
  6. Or like you said taking the Tomlin order would avoid this. I can't think of a defence so thinking it would be a better idea. Would you persoanlly suggest defend or Tomlin order?
  7. Do you see anything other than lack of evidence to use in defence?
  8. OK so if I lose we still get the option to pay in installments, court deciding how much? Just making sure I have that right. After readibg a lot of the forums it does seem that a lot of people are successful when defending these claims but from our case it doesn't look like I have a lot of defence apart from hoping they don't have the evidence. Do you see any other potential ways to use for the defence, should we go with it?
  9. I shall have a better look tomorrow but other than lack of documentation is there anything else, for my case? Can I ask if I was to defend and failed/lost do I get a ccj? Also today I received a letter from bwlegal, NOTICE OF COUNTY COURT CLAIM ISSUED. It states in the what you need to know section that I can call them and sey uo a affordable repayment arrangement.
  10. If I was to defend what would I use as my defence? Trying to weigh up my options before doing anything
  11. Hi Andy, I have a few questions to ask. Is it possible to question the amount in question as we can not be too sure how accurate it actually is? When you say defend the full claim, what does that involve? The Tomlin order, if I was to phone would it be mandatory for them to accept a payment plan or can they refuse this? Finally the actual claim letter, is it a legitimate document or is it likely to be a copy using it as a scare tactic? Thanks for all the help so far
  12. Possibly so yes. However I would need the repayments to be as low as possible if that was the case
  13. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD Date of issue –. 01 January 2016 What is the claim for – 1.The claimants claim is for the sum of £326.69 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a non-regulated communications agreement between the defendant and Hutchinson 3G UK Limited under account reference xxxxxxxxxx and assigned to the claimant on 23/12/2014 notice of which has been given to the defendant. 2.The defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied
  14. Hello there. My partner received a letter this morning titled "Claim Form" in the top left corner. It is regarding a debt from the mobile phone company Three. The debt we think was roughly 2-4 year ago but we can not be sure. We recognise this debt ourselves but at the time could not afford to pay it and buried our heads and ignored letters from them.(not proud of it) We were out of our jobs and had 4 children so paying off the debt was a difficult job. In hindsight we should of contacted them and told them about the situation but sadly we never. The d
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