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    DVLA Medical Nightmare

    Mr Begal, Yes to their standards but NOT one person told me until after a least 18 months that the min time for my case was going to be 2 years min before they even looked at giving my license back.
  2. Discs

    DVLA Medical Nightmare

    Just a final update I'm now retired and yes I did get my HGV license back, 2.5 years later and it nearly broke me. The biggest mistake I did was informing DVLA, so looking back I would now take the chance of a fine. To most who work in DVLA you are not even a number, and go strictly by the sheet that is in front of them( robots), but saying that you do get to speak to some that are human and help you and I thank those that helped.To anybody that has just using this forum to get info, I have one bit of advice to you. THINK!!!!!!
  3. Discs

    DVLA Medical Nightmare

    I'm asking for Group 1 entitlement, and my Group 2 license back. After the 28th August 2015 I tried to do both separately but 6 weeks later a letter and form turned up to be filled in for my group 1, and I filled it in and returned, then somewhere in DVLA again they got joined again. so now still wanting both. As far as that a bleed to the brain can have serious consequences, yes but in my case I had NO treatment or medication and when I went to get medical evidence, the consultant Neurosurgeon stated that "Imaging at the time showed a very small amount of right frontal extra axil blood". He also couldn't understand how DVLA revoked my license based on the scan. I'm in the process of informing my MP, not only about my case but also how long anything takes to do with DVLA. Yes, I have looked the guide to the current medical standards of fitness to drive, but surely having already penalize me by revoking my license for 6 months , They can't 6 months after the 1st revoking do it again??????
  4. Hi everyone, Is there anyone else having trouble trying to get their license back and you just keep waiting and waiting and getting fobbed off with excuses when you phone the medical dept at DVLA. A quick summary of my case is on the 2nd Dec 2014 i had a freak accident in my HGV, in that I was going one way and another HGV coming towards me when both wing mirrors touched, usually not a problem, but this time the other guy's just smashed and mine came around and hit the side window and smashed the window, then the mirror detached itself and flew in through the cab hitting me at the side of the neck and then flicking up and hitting the side of my head. Luckily I seen it about to happen and was braking at the time of impact and my co-driver leaned over and pulled the handbrake on. I now believe I could have suffered a lot worse injuries. Ambulance came and carted me off to hospital with neck brace and back brace. At this stage I thought I had broke my neck. At hospital they did the works, scans etc and after 10 mins the doctor came to me and took off the braces etc and said nothing broken. He then returned a couple of mins later and said I had a bleed to the brain and we are keeping you in for observation. 2days later I 'm allowed home having no meds or anything just my pulse and blood pressure checked. I had a very sore head for about 6 weeks and was told by my GP not to drive as the hospital had said that they had informed DVLA and I had inform DVLA myself. So did paperwork and waited and was just about ready to go back to driving duties when DVLA on the 28th FEB 2015 revoked my license for 6 months, reason was that I had suffered a Serious Traumatic Brain Injury,(there is only one box on the DVLA web site for head injuries). So that brought it up to the 28th August 2015, thinking that should be able to at least get my car license back then, due to having to get myself medical evidence to get my HGV back. Well after many call calls and letters etc finally got the evidence in OCT 2015 and sent everything off to DVLA. Many phone calls later and on occasions nearly shouting down the phone etc, and being fobbed off with excuses, last week somebody told something near the truth in that my case was sent the the DVLA doctors on the 28th Nov 2015, but they are currently running about 17-18 weeks behind. That just about summed up DVLA. My personal view is that yes I got a whack on the head, but the only people that made it something serious when really it was minor was DVLA and they are still being pains. :mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2:
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