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  1. Thanks for assistance, very much appreciated. Both letters sent.
  2. Ok, i'm very grateful for your advice. I will follow it and send a revised SB letter to CABOT. However I am unable to find any refereance in either letter to Ruthbridge being a solicitor. Grateful if you could show me where. TIA Scrivenger
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm after some assistance please with the following:- I received today in the post a letter from CABOT regarding my account. It states that 'as we have not been able to come to a mutual arrangement to repay your account, Cabot Financial will be passing your account out to Ruthbridge Limited, a debt collection agency.' My previous dealings with Cabot involved me sending an SB letter that was kindly supplied by yourselves. That was over 7 or 8 years ago now and I hadn't heard from them until today. My question is should I send another SB letter to Ruthbridg
  4. Grateful for a considered response............. having just received a letter from CABOT advising me that my account is now being passed to Ruthbridge and having read the above thread can somebody please confirm that my next course of action is no action at all. TIA
  5. Today, 23rd Jan, letter received from Cabot.. .......... 'We confirm that we do not hold all your information on file, therefore we have requested a copy of the Agreement and Statement of account from the original creditor and will forward to you upon receipt. The account is on hold whilst we await this information.' How long do they have to provide this information? Thanks in advance
  6. So just to confirm. I send it back, do I leave it blank again or insert Cabot? , btw they have writen my account number on the back and the word 'ops'. Do I send another CCA request with it or a letter? And what has this done to the 12+2 day timetable. Thanks again..
  7. Just received today 12th Jan a letter from Cabot dated 8th Jan. QTE You recently sent us a payment by postal order, unfortunately we were not able to cash this postal order because there was no payee filed out . UNQTE Then QTE When sending your cheque to us, please ensure the amount of payment is stated on the cheque UNQTE I left the PO blank as suggested above but I had filled the amount in! I imagine this is a stalling tactic by Cabot but my question is does the clock still tick re the 12+2 days from the day I sent the CCA requ
  8. So the cca request letter was signed for on 07th January......
  9. Andy - just received last transaction information. On the 15th April 2009 two transactions took place on the account. Both were payments made to the account, one was for £1 the other for £201 pounds. That was the last time the account was active I assume. They also said that the account was placed into recovery on the 28th October 2009.
  10. Andy - How can I check those details? I can't remember and have no records whatsoever. Would lloyds/tsb still hold that info?
  11. Hi, I have absoloutley no idea what so ever. Certainly not in the last 5 years.
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