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  1. Hello again CAG, Everything was sent ok and the £80 fee was waived which was a pleasant surprise. Since handing in my evidence and witness statement, I (and the courts) received the following from Riverview Law. "Dear Sirs, *some jabber* Page one of the order directs the parties to file and serve evidence 14 days before the hearing. Page two of the order also directs the parties to file and serve evidence, no later than 14 days before the hearing. The order then goes on to list directions that differ from the above. As this is a small claims matter and the standard
  2. The SAR was delivered within 40 days but it didn't contain a correspondence between myself and Lee, the old vodafone rep here. The SAR was meant to cover until 3rd March 2016 and the e-mail is from late Feb. It begs the question what have they left out that I don't have evidence for. I know it's only 1 e-mail as proof but rules are rules (?) Thank you and Andy for your responses. This is the edited witness statement. XXXXXXX XXXXXX'X Witness Statement XXXXXXX XXXXXX v Vodafone Limited Claim Number: XXXXXXXX My name is XXXXXX. My address is XXXXXX. I am a part-
  3. Hello again CAG, I served 27 pages of disclosures to riverview law and my local court, including fishing out and printing off the BBC news story Bankfodder posted back in March about the number of customer complaints. The £80 court fee was waived and I have until September 30th to serve my witness statement. The following is what I have so far. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I was thinking maybe referring to page numbers from my disclosures for certain parts? Or would I do that in court..? XXXX's Witness Statement XXXX v Vodafone Limited Claim Number: XXXXXXXX
  4. Oh and do I send a copy of this to riverview law or just a copy to my local court?
  5. I received a letter from the courts today so I think we're coming to the end of the road. The claim has been allocated to the small claims track which will take place Nov 30th. It says a hearing fee of £80 is payable by 16th Sept unless the claimant makes an application for a fee concession. Would I be entitled to a fee concession? It says each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents which he intends to rely at the hearing.....What do I need to include in this? Would this be my original vodafone contract, the e-mails printed off
  6. You are 100% correct, I did have a 10 minute conversation with an advisor where they directed me to a helpful part of their website regarding small claims court but they were apprehensive about offering much advice. I went to my local court and spoke to someone there, she told me the entire claim comes under one reference number so I fill out all the forms etc and just hand everything to them which is pretty convenient. Andy you said I could particularise when I get to the witness statement stage. When is the witness statement stage? Is it on a later form I will need to fill out or is
  7. Actually to save you guys time I will go see the CAB and call my local court tomorrow.
  8. Phew close call, I thought all was lost for a moment. I'm a bit confused with what I have received. I have received counter claim stuff where I am the defendant. It includes a response pack identical to the one vf received when I made the original claim. Do I just sign that I am defending the entire claim an explain why in section 3 - Defence and send it away? Then I have a directions questionnaire (small claims track). It has stuff about mediation and court availability, witnesses etc. I think it is Form N180 which I have to complete and file with the court office. Do I complet
  9. Also, with vodafone's counter claim is this now when I send all my evidence? Like receipts and proof they didn't provide the SAR etc and e-mail correspondence. Or do I just say I defend the claim and wait until court to disclose my evidence?
  10. Thanks I'll delete that. The MCOL site didn't give an option to serve particulars separately. I had 1,080 characters which ended up being more like 600 to include everything.
  11. Sorry I had to take the photo on my phone and e-mail it to myself. I will try and take better photos. I think fraudsters working at vodafone gained access to my account and used a new sim card (under a different number) to run up the bill. I ordered the SAR but it only showed what happened, not who was responsible. This claim is about them not providing me with a service, I wasn't told what to do with the fraudulent stuff.
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