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  1. The ccj is from 17/5/18. As I said I should be able to pay the debt off in full by mid/end of July as the deceased’s property will be sold. Thanks J
  2. No. There were no funds in their bank account. Yes I can contact them Just wondering what I should do if the high court enforcement officers turn up. Thanks J
  3. The claimant is the midcounties co-operative ltd. The debt is for an unpaid family members funeral. (Not good I know..... it’s a long story. Hope that is not too outing). Thanks J
  4. Hi Thank you for allowing me to post on your informative website. I am after some advice please. A CCJ was entered against me, mid May this year for £2300. I’m not disputing that I don’t owe this money. I have received a notice of enforcement from Shergroup Enforcement telling me that if I don’t contact the by 5pm on the 23/6 I can expect a visit at home. The letter only arrived this morning. What should I do if they turn up. Obviously I won’t answer the door to them or sign anything. The property belongs to a housing association. I have a car bu
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