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  1. Thanks for the response, that's reassuring to know that court action would be unlikely. I assumed/hoped that the tenancy would surely have supremacy. I have spoken to the owner of the flat, but am unsure who actually owns the communal car park land. I will try to find this out, possibly through Land Registry. I'm not sure if the Property Management Company or the landowner have employed UKCPS, but will try and find out and complain to them as advised. I was considering replying to UKCPS and/or Miah Solicitors, but will not do that then.
  2. Hi all, Firstly, apologies for starting a new thread. I have read all the sticky threads and as much as I can on other websites/forums, but I'm still not clear on the best course of action. Any advice would be massively appreciated. I rent a flat, which has an allocated parking space. Unfortunately, I was not provided with a parking permit badge by the letting agent or landlord when I moved in. There are UKCPS signs in the car park, but as I was a tenant and had an allocated parking space, did not really pay them any attention. UKCPS have since issued three charges (charges on the windscreen and NTKs all received). These were issued in August and September 2015. I wrote in response explaining that I was a tenant (and providing a copy of a utility bill and lease agreement), but there response was simply to state that any time for appeals had elapsed and the charges stood. I did not bother with an IAS appeal, based on the comments on forums such as this. I am now at the stage where I am receiving letters from Miah Solicitors stating that unless payment is made "...we will take our Client's instructions regarding how they wish to proceed which may include considering issuing legal proceedings." The main questions I have are: 1) How likely is it that this will proceed to court? 2) What action should I take now? I have asked the Property Management Company to clarify their arrangements with UKCPS and asked them to request the charges be cancelled, but they have not been especially helpful so far. I have read my tenancy agreement and unfortunately it does not specifically refer to the parking space (but it is numbered, i.e. specifically allocated to the flat. Sorry for the long post and many thanks for any help!
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