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  1. Problem with my Mechanic Garage

    I took my car to a mechanic that I found online and I paid £1200 to get them to fix it, they fixed it and gave me a warranty which is valid for a year, after 2 weeks the fault with the car that they fixed came back and the car stopped working completely. I sent the car back to them for repair under the warranty and he claimed that the warranty was fraud that I made so that he could escape responsibility, when I told him I was going to take legal action he then admitted that the warranty wasn’t fraudulent and that he would fix it but that he couldn’t fix it right away as they were busy. When he checked the car he claimed that the problem was with the injectors (which are not covered by the warranty but when I had taken the car to a different mechanic before they told me there was nothing wrong with the car). he kept using abusive language over text and saying that he was going to leave the car in the street with the key inside but whenever I told him I was going to take legal action he would then say he was going to fix the car. last Friday he sent me a message saying that he would fix it but that I would have to pay half and pay it upfront, I sent him the upfront cost of half the total fee but when I sent it he then decided to ramp up the price , I then told him that I wouldn’t go ahead and told him to send my money back where he then refused and when I told him again that I was going to use legal action again he told me that he never gave me his real name so I can’t get him and that and that the bank account that I sent the upfront cost to was under some one else’s name . We had also agreed the car to be fixed on Wednesday but after I sent the upfront fee he changed it and said it’ll be done on Friday and despite me telling him about the upcoming lockdown, he still persisted that it would be done on Friday. On Friday he messages me telling me that he cant work during lockdown (even though I had warned him about it) and that he will only start working on it after lockdown. Now I don’t know what’s happened to my car or even where it is since I cant travel during the lockdown to check on it, if you guys could inform me about a free legal aid solicitor that would help a lot seeing as I’m not in a good financial situation at the moment and he has taken a lot of money out of my pocket.

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