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  1. I don't have access to the old property. They knew my moving out date and promised to send me the packaging to return the router 2 weeks before I moved out - they instead sent it to me 3 weeks after I moved out. (This was all on live chat.) They are saying that in spite of this, the T&C of my contract state that I am responsible for the equipment until it's returned and that I should've carried it to my new property.
  2. 29 days. Because I didn't give them 30 days notice, they charged me a very small, prorated amount to account for the extra day. They told me over a live chat that they will be sending me a bag to my old address 10-14 days from the date of my notice (I have a record of this). If they had done that, I would have been able to return the router before I moved out. They instead sent it to me weeks after I moved out.
  3. VM are trying to charge me £40 for an unreturned router. I moved house and they sent me the packaging to return it two weeks after I moved out. The router is probably still in my old place. They are insisting that I go back, find it and send it to them or I will be charged the £40. I'm reading stories on this forum of people being chased by debt collectors and credit scores being affected. I'm scared of this. Should I just pay the £40?
  4. Speculative invoice regardless of what was in my hire agreement (the contract between myself and the hire car company)? I'm gonna report these people to the Trading Standards.
  5. The word "fine" isn't on the invoice. They just want to charge me for transferring the liability to me. It's more of a "fee" rather than a "fine".
  6. UKPC is charging me interest as their invoice is "overdue". They're quoting the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [interest] Act 1998 at the very very bottom of the page that I attached to this thread. Anyway, thanks for the advice! I'll definitely keep you posted of the outcome or if they send me another email!
  7. Thanks for the all the replies! Apparently now since the fine is overdue, I'm being charged a daily interest of £0.16 per day under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [interest] Act 1998. So the £49.95 is slowly creeping up. I haven't told them that I have paid the TFL fine yet because I have not paid it yet. I've been in touch with TFL and they are due to send the fine out to me soon. I haven't received it yet. dx100uk and Tony P: From what I understand, this is exactly an admin charge. Basically, the hire car company commission UKPC to deal with all their fines. It's UKPC's job to "transfer the liability" to the people that hired the car. This would involve sending TFL a copy of the lease agreement I had with the hire car company. Why do you think these admin charges would be unlawful? Can't they charge me for whatever they like as long as I signed for it? Maybe there was something regarding this in the fine print of the hire agreement I signed...
  8. These guys keep emailing me and trying to charge me for their "service". I'm worried about if they have the right to charge me based on something in the Terms and Conditions that I signed when hiring the car. If this is the case, should I just pay them the £49.95?
  9. Thanks for the replies so far! But if I ignore the UKPC and pay TFL, then do the UKPC have a right to keep on chasing me? I'm worried that if this escalates they will continue charging me the £0.16 interest per day. Then if they sue me I'll end up paying way over the original £49.95 that they are asking for. If you read the last paragraph of the invoice that I attached to the original post, they are saying that transferring the liability is a "difficult and time-consuming process". Perhaps I am misunderstanding what they mean by "transferring liability"?
  10. Hi, I've recently moved to London from Australia and hired a car for a weekend. I stopped in a red route with the hire car. I know this is the forum for parking enforcement, however for some reason I have UKPC chasing me. Apparently they work for the hire car company and are charging me £49.95 for them to move the liability from them to me. I called the hire car company and they have confirmed that this is their procedure. They emailed me a few days ago with an invoice (attached to this post). They also attached a copy of the PCN issued to them by TFL. I called TFL and they confirmed that they have received my details from the hire car company and that they will forward me the fine. I will pay the TFL fine, but what's with the UKPC invoice? What do I do with this? If you look at the attached invoice, it says that they can charge me interest for late payments.
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