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  1. my daughter is a nurse and was admitted into hospital twice last year. Once on a friday night, the other a saturday. Consultants and Dr's working? Actually no. On both occasions she had to wait until the following week to be seen. Didnt bother her, she expected it. You can say what you like about Dr's at weekends in a hospital, no Dr there to hear you
  2. A Doctor working on a bank holiday? Less chance of that than them working over a weekend!
  3. Requesting proof is not, in my opinion, harassing. Of course it should asked for politely and due consideration given to circumstances, ("sorry to hear that, no rush, I will call you back in a few weeks"). Strange though how we have double standards depending upon who is asking. Would you expect a life assurance company to pay out based upon a verbal comment? No. And I expect you would be very helpful and co-operative if that speeded out a pay-out. I would! If a creditor is owed money I think it entirely reasonable to ask for payment and upon being informed of a death - after
  4. They called on Christmas Day? Are you sure? Getting staff to work on a bank holiday when they are legally entitled to a day off is to say the least, surprising. I would have phoned them back and had a chat regarding the legality of forcing the staff to work. Like something out of the Victorian era! Maybe they run a workhouse?
  5. How would the credit know that there are zero assets? I think it is morally acceptable to want proof of death and a signed statement from, for example, the Executor. Not owning a house is easily checked but many persons have life assurance and, if they do, then surely that should be used to clear debts? As I said, if someone owed me money I wouldn't simply accept their word and 'write it off'. Why should we expect creditors to do that?
  6. I'm new to this site. (Hi all). Got a shock when I noticed the site accepts advertising from a bailiff company! Isn't that the enemy? Archie
  7. The fact that the DCA cannot produce default notice is irrelevant. You do not need to even issue one to lodge a default. The default notice is issued, in simplified terms, to state a failure to clear arrears means future sums (the full debt) will be payable in due. Its a legal document. CRA data is totally separate. That exists for lenders to make informed decisions about lending. If you owe money, you owe money and a lender wants to know that. To justify a default the creditor simply needs to evidence that the creditor who registered the default. Per the ICO website they would; expec
  8. Before complaining to FOS you need to complain to HFO and await their final response. Then and only then can FOS take the case on. (Unless they do not reply for 8 weeks of course)
  9. In law a creditor is permitted to make a claim against the estate. And that includes all assets in the estate including equity. It is wrong and misleading to say your debts die with you unless they are joint. I think the law recognises that the monies one person has borrowed has likely been of benefit to their partner? An example would be the Mr borrowing 10k to furnish house. If he drops dead then it seems morally wrong for the Mrs to keep the furniture and expect debt to be written off? Sorry for your loss but I would recommend you send them the Death Cert and full details
  10. Wouldn't the court write to you? Are you sure you received no documents at all? Very much doubt a court would collude with a DCA
  11. All the letters I've had from them say they're based in Redruth Can you provide proof? I have had dealings with this company for a decade. I have never seen anything stating they are based in Redruth. I suspect you are getting confused with another similar sounding company.
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