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  1. I smiled reading these cute jokes today! http://www.childhoodbeckons.com/2012/07/30-jokes-your-kids-will-love.html
  2. This is certainly very alarming!
  3. Many of the people beleive that E-cigarettes are not harmful but a recent study tells that they boost up superbug bacteria and weakens the immune system. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/science/e-cigarette-vapour-weakens-immune-7255870
  4. Well the parking rules at my office are, "First come first serve". I always come on time and park my car at a spot. Today I got late and was wondering the spot would probably be filled only to realize that all of the colleagues are late! That made me really happy! Lol
  5. Well you are entitled to the warranty unless you have the receipt. Did you go the shop again and talk to him in person? He might have an electronic copy of receipt saved in his PC/Laptop. Ask him politely to get the issue fixed. I don't think he'll be able to refuse you as the product is still under warranty.
  6. Well converted houses have this problem. The only time you won't actually face this issue if you get quiet tenants by any chance and that does not happen often!
  7. I am all confused! Why did your boss asked for your personal phone? If he kept it, he should have told you that "this S5 is yours now and your S3 is ours". You shouldn't have handed over your personal phone in the first place or if you did, you should have cleared it out. What's done is done. You should now talk to your boss politely and ask if this S5 is yours because you're looking to change it for a newer model. I hope your boss won't find your concern offensive in any way.
  8. When you are a politician, you should choose your words carefully. To me, "bunch of migrants" was a very bad choice of words.
  9. It's a good step but I don't think they'd be able to find and fine all of those companies. I got 3 calls from the same company and all of those numbers were unique. I have now given up picking a phone call from an unknown number.
  10. Just a tip, Use your laptop with your charger always plugged in. As soon as the battery goes to 100%, the charger trips and your laptop goes to AC mode. I have been using my laptop (HP Pavilion 15) for 18 months and the battery time is still 3 hours. It's a regular 6 cell battery.
  11. You might not be able to get a refund but you will get another one I suppose. Still, worth a try
  12. This is absurd! A good opportunity will come to you as good things happen to good people! I wish you all the best
  13. Thanks for the information. This is horrible indeed.
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