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  1. Long story I defaulted a number of years back on a Burtons card and it was eventually passed to the Lewis Group. The lovely people at the Lewis Group took out a CCJ and I was ordered to pay it back at £5 per month. I have been doing this ever since paying the £5 per month. Eventually it was sold on to Arrow who use Rob Way as agents. I had to state to Rob Way that a CCJ was in place so they stopped pestering me. Which I kept paying each month. Now I received a letter from Arrow that Rob Way is no longer managing the account and has been passed to Restons. From what I have read Restons are not exactly a great company to deal with. But am I right that once a CCJ has been put in place that they cant get another one on top? Also all I should be paying is £5 per month. The debt is for £400 I have told them my situation has not changed and I will carry to pay what the court ordered back in 2011. Either that or gave them an offer of a full and final of £50 which my friend has been able to give me to get them off my backs. I am undergoing cancer treatment and I really dont need this on top of it all. I assume Restons are a solicitors I havent heard anything yet from them but I really dont know what if anything they can do given I been paying the CCJ since 2011???? Your thoughts please ????? is the f and f a decent offer given I am on sickness benefits?????????????
  2. I am just worried naming names on here will only cause further issues if they are viewing on here....just paranoid about these debts. I thought a CCA wont work on cards taken out after 2007? Wont questioning the debts legality make them go legal quicker on you?
  3. As the end of year is coming I have been reflecting upon all the debts that I have and been worrying myself sick knowing 6 years is around the corner when I originally defaulted. I am out of work due to cancer treatment and started to worry about these debts again knowing 6 years is only a few months away. Debt 1 is a Credit Card...£15,000 was taken out prior 2007. It has been swapped from DCA to DCA numerous times and has been sold on to Vulture Company 1. I have been paying each month £10 to the DCA of Vulture Company 1 and have been doing so for a number of years. Not disputing I owe the debt as had card since 1996. I am unsure what if anything they will do. ...Will they continuing accept this offer at this rate or go legal on me. I have been complying with them and paying the repayments on time given my limited income. I just dont want to open a huge can of worms by asking for a CSA on them and if they find it they pursue legal on me. Is it best to just carrying on paying until if I ever receive a solicitor letter off Vulture Company 1 threatening legal action to do it then? Debt 2 is another credit card....£3,000 was taken out AFTER 2007. It currently is still sat with the original creditor and I am paying them £5 a month. I am paying them via a DCA who pays the creditor. I assume they will sell this debt on at some time and been reading it could be a terrible company that they could sell it on to. I am aware I cant do the CSA request on Debt 2 as its after 2007. But with these I have been paying what has been agreed to the DCA monthly and on time. I am just worrying myself sick about these debts and controlling them all. I have done what I can paying them and not hiding away given my income. But if my income stays the same I cant see them keeping accepting this level. What your thoughts to ease my worries on it all......
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