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  1. Who could it have been? I'm not a detective but it might be someone who has got something against CAG. (jus saying)
  2. Someone send me some RLP letters again thanks. I cant open the others someone sent before.
  3. Sorry, my friend was just exaggerating. It was a letter from RLP demanding the £180 fine. I guess she got scared, called me, and over-exaggerated. There was no CCTV image on the letter of her, it wasn't sent by Primark. Sorry again! (forgive me!)
  4. She also said that on the letter was her face through Primark's CCTV footage. Really stressed now about my letter turning up!
  5. Hi, my friend received her letter and it wasn't from RLP, it was from Primark. She asked me if that still makes a difference and if she still has to pay? They're demanding £180. If i or her don't pay, will we get a criminal conviction?
  6. I would rather they sent me the letters when im 18. I don't want to go through all that hassle alone now!
  7. Thanks silverfox1961, how long will RLP and the debt collectors keep pestering me with letters? and i told my mum to bin any letters they get asking for a fine. thanks guys
  8. And is it true that this site is being searched and under police investigation (according to RLP)? And Mr.P, I've only given to them my name, date of birth and address, none of my parents details. How will they write to my parents?
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