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  1. Thank you honey bee. The Full text for rejection is as follows After checking your oyster card history on the card produced, there was no PAYG validation nor a valid season ticket to permit you to travel on tram link. Merely having a credit balance on the card is not in itself sufficient. Therefore after giving full consideration to why a valid ticket was not produced on request, I regret to say that we can find no justification for waiving the penalty fare. I did send them card statement for card 2 showing that the tap had occurred around 10 minutes prior to the penalty issue time. I asked the penalty fare collector to mention time on the notice he issued just in case.
  2. Dear all, I am seeing very good advise given on this forum and wish to check if there is any opportunity for me to appeal. I regularly travel on tram in croydon and always make sure i tap in. On this particular day, i remember tapping in and got in to tram and was stopped by tram ticket checkers to say my oyster was not tapped in. I was pretty sure that i had tapped in, so I was surprised when their reader didnt show the details. I was issued with a penalty fare notice, which i appealed on the 29th nov. In reality what had happened was - I was carrying two PAYG oyster cards. I usually keep one for me and other for my wife, and on this particular day, i had tapped in one card, but for some reason didnt realise this and was showing the other card to inspectors. I realised this mistake later in the day, and verified it by getting a copy of my card statement. I appealed on the same day by sending a copy of the oyster statement mentioning this. last week 16th Dec, i got a letter from First tram operations rejecting my appeal with a mention that there is no validation of the card that was checked on the day. I am now being asked to pay £40 by the 30th or risk paying £80 or appeal within 14 days. Both cards are registered in my name and it now looks like i might pay the fine. I however still want to appeal, and wanted to check if it was worthwhile doing so. Any advise or pointers? Thanks Suresh just to add card -1 - I had made many payG jouney with all day cap applied by evening on that day between Zone 1- 3, This incident happened in the morning though when i started my journey. Card 2 - tapped in for Tram only by mistake without realising i was carrying that card at all.
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