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  1. OK I see your point. Thanks for the advice I will carry on ignoring them
  2. Hello, I've attached the letter I sent, it was a standard limitation/statute barred one from another advice site. I am happy to engage in letter tennis if it will prevent a doorstep visit, my mum suffers from anxiety/depression and it will make her ill. I have zero intention of paying them anything and the CCJ whether it exists or not is not on my credit report so doesn't affect my life at the moment, and as you said very little chance they can enforce anyway. I am not concerned if they call me or send me letters, I just want to avoid a doorstepper comin
  3. OK I shall do that. Thanks. Do you think I should send them the don't call/don't visit letters to stop them harassing my parents landline?
  4. Hello again, sorry didn't get back sooner, xmas/illness! Here is the letter from rob way, would be interested to know what you think... I haven't responded back to them but they have called my mums house today and my mum is stressing out about it. My dad just took their number. Is there some way I can stop them calling or visiting the house? I am currently staying here but its not my house/phoneline. Thanks in advance. rob way letter.pdf
  5. Hello, Yes I am of the same opinion that they are trolling me for money and don't have a leg to stand on otherwise they would have taken some actual legal action by now (I have been at this address for 5 years and they have been sending me letters for years which I have always ignored) The letter has at least four spelling mistakes in it which makes me think whoever wrote it was an idiot. I don't have a scanner nearby right now but will do it tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Hello, The letter says "we have been previously advised by the original creditor that a payment was made by yourself on 30th november 2007 for £2.80. A county court judgement was obtained on 8th december 2010. " it does not say who exactly but the letter is entitled RE: HPH Ltd (ex HSBC) so culd be either HSBC or HPH?
  7. Hello Martin2006, I have checked with noddle, equifax and experian and callcredit, they're all clean nothing showing - in fact very good credit report at the moment.
  8. Thanks fkofilee I had a brief look at trust online - it only asks for one address to search, however I had about ten different addresses back then and no idea which one the CCJ might have been registered under as I never received any notification at the time. Would I have to pay £4 for each address?
  9. Hello, I am sure there is already plenty advice about this but I can't find a case very similar to mine so appreciate if anyone can help me... Robinson way are chasing me for a very old HSBC debt of £1761.25. It is not on my credit report at all, and is around 10-15 years old so I sent them a prove it/statute barred letter. They replied saying they didn't need to prove it and it wasn't statute barred as I last paid £2.80 on 30/11/07, and that a CCJ was obtained on 08/12/10. They said they got this info from the original creditor. I do not remember this payment and
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