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  1. Hi. Thought a quick update might be in order, mainly because I'd appreciate a little confirmation of a niggle I have. I wrote back with the advice and they have today responded (as expected) that they believe they're in the right. The niggle I have is, let's say there is a clause in the management company lease I signed that states they do have the power. Where does it have to be? In the clause itself? If for instance the lease says I agree to regulations, but isn't specific, and the regulations state they do, is that too vague? Yesterday, though, I had an electrician visit and in the 30 minutes he was here he got a ticket. I've advised him not to make contact but I have a copy of his ticket. As I've now involuntarily got a third party involved, I just want to be a little more assured. Is it worth having someone run through my paperwork or am I on pretty safe grounds?
  2. Thanks all. I've read that thread, and I am going to reply as advised above. My main outstanding concern is that they reply and advise that there is a clause in the lease which permits all of this (how, I don't know). I suppose at this stage I can take that risk...
  3. Thank you. So one additional question then. Do I engage with The IAS, or just write back to PCM?
  4. Hi On 8th December I moved into a flat in Brentford. The lease for the flat includes reference to two specific parking spaces, but it makes no direct reference to Parking Control Management, who patrol the car park. On 16th December, in the post, I receive a welcome back from the Management Company. In it, it mentions how to obtain a parking permit, and I emailed the MC and asked for a form. At around 0730 on 17th December, I received a PCN whilst parked in one of the specific spaces. There are signs in the car park, but I had not read them; I had not understood that there was a requirement for a parking permit until the letter received the previous evening, it is not mentioned in the deeds (only what might appear to be a reference to regulations). I did not believe I was in any way contravening any rights. Later in the day, I received the form from the MC, completed and returned it the same day. Permits have now arrived and are affixed. I (perhaps too hastily) appealed the ticket, on the grounds that I own the parking space and am entitled to park there. I forget the exact wording. In a letter dated 21st December, the appeal was rejected as per the attachment, but in summary, regardless of my ownership position, I "parked in a manner whereby agreed to pay a charge". At this point, before deciding whether to appeal further with the IAS, I'd like to understand my position. I've got the following questions: 1) Who OWNS the space, or has legal right to own it? Me or the MC or the freeholder? I understand this is not black and white, but I don't know where the line between it being in the deeds and therefore my not having granted any permission for PCM to issue tickets, or otherwise. 2) Am I too late to pursue getting the ticket cancelled now that I have already corresponded? 3) If I want to lodge an appeal with the IAS, do I have to do so entirely within the 21 days since the letter date, or can I notify them if it is not complete in that time? Any suggestions how to proceed? I'm happy to dig through the lease documents, but it's some 44 pages. Thanks, Matthew
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