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  1. haha lol excellent.... I just thought that MD's etc wouldn't be bothered with complaints.... be interesting to see what happens
  2. Hi fkofilee thanks for your post and info, I will give it one last go with Lee and if it's not resolved by Tuesday I will fire emails of to the addresses you gave me, do you reckon I will get a reply???
  3. Andy, Do you reckon it is time to email the Md's etc addresses given in post 13?
  4. Ok Andy Thanks, but will Lee still see this new reference number? I just started a new complaint on Vodafone and this was the new number I put in the title?
  5. Regarding Consumer Action Group Thread Vodafone Nightmare (WRT135 ref #12232236) After speaking with Lee I thought all my problems were solved, however, they are not. I have now emailed Lee back 3 times with 3 different problems that have arisen since we spoke on the 5th Jan but still no reply. I am receiving texts from vodafone with incorrect bill amounts. Then a strange letter saying that I have been disconnected. Yesterday I received another letter from vodafone saying welcome and that I had entered a new 2 year contract, which of course I have not. This is all
  6. I've emailed him 3 times over the last 2 days when everything should have been sorted but no reply???
  7. Right, quick update on this long running saga. Finally got hold of Lee who is infinitely more knowledgeable than anyone else who I have had to deal with. After speaking with Lee everything appeared to be sorted out. However, a couple of days later I'm getting more weird texts, letters and emails from Vodafone. the texts are saying bills are due for strange amounts, the letter says I've been disconnected and owe them money and finally the email I received today is saying thanks for joining Vodafone and has my contract end date extended till January 2018 I've emailed all this back
  8. Still no contact from Vodafone so I called the dreaded 191 number today and wasted over an hour of my time with NINE different advisor's..... still didn't get the problems sorted but did end up with one of my numbers now disconnected!!!! arghhhhhhh now I just want to scream. They reckon my number will be reconnected within 24hrs so, again, I will wait and see. Unbelievable!!!
  9. Ahhhhhhh I wonder if this is the feeble excuse they have used for not replying to my letters that I sent them.... to anyone reading the letters it would have been fairly obvious I was complaining big time, however, I did not put "Formal Complaint" in the title.
  10. I will probably leave it till the 27th as I'm not going to waste my christmas on VF but yes all will be recorded thats for sure. Do you think I would have a strong case for going to the ombudsman? as I really cant be bothered even trying to speak to them any more tbh???
  11. Yeah I totally agree... I have dealt with god knows how many companies for various things in my life and absolutely never experienced anything like this!!!! as I said it is like it is some sort of wind up.... I really don t think any sane person could get it so wrong if they tried, the trouble is it has not been one single person, it has been loads of different people from call centres all around the world lol. The real insult though is not replying to my letters that I sent recorded delivery, absolutely no excuse for that. Still no contact from VF, I suppose they have 48hrs from when I s
  12. Hi and thanks for your reply and advice. I think my Credit file is ok as I just re mortgaged and nothing was flagged up. I never got into arrears with VF I just paid on-line every time my DD never came off so hopefully everything ok in that dept. To cut a long story short the main problem is the continued complete and utter incompetence of VF and there reps whether on-line or the call centre. Also, not replying to my letters that were sent recorded delivery so I have proof that they received them. If you count up all the hours of my time I have spent on the phone or on live chat
  13. I've now received this automated reply from Vodafone with the following reference number #12232236 is the correct place to post it or should it be in the title?
  14. I've now done the WRT CAG forum thingy that is in all the other Vodafone threads so lets see if I get a reply?
  15. I'm completely at the end of my tether with this company and unfortunately there is not a short description of how they have messed me about. It all started when I got my bill at the end of July 2015 for £330.15 which was incorrect and a mistake by Vodafone. I had been overcharged by around £158 which was eventually credited to my account. I have been with Vodafone for over 10 years; I have three mobiles on my account and would consider myself a very good customer. I have never missed a payment in all the years I have been with Vodafone. • When I received this bill for £330.15 I
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