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  1. I phoned them up. If I had any previous insurance documents I have thrown them away as soon as I sold my previous motorcycle. Thanks.
  2. They say its Social Domestic and Pleasure cover. As I mentioned before I haven't received any documents from the insurer. Yes, I know I was silly to ignore this. Unless they sent it out to my email address and it went into junk mail, spam, etc.
  3. Hi, From the letter I understood that Hastings direct are only broker, the letter came from AXA. They reffering me to Page 21, where "General exceptions" are stated. From the letter: "1. This Policy does not apply when Your Motorcycle is being used for purposes that are not specified in Your Certificate of Insurance. We decline your claim because commuting to a single place of work or study is not covered by the certificate of insurance". For previous 3 years I was insured with Hastings Direct using CBT and car driving licence. Then they told me over the phone
  4. It's not, that's obvious, unfortunately they refered me to their booklet, which I have never received. So I cannot check on what ground they reject my claim.
  5. No relations at all to my working place. I decided to do the Level 3 course, that's about it. I took a loan to pay for this course. I have never received the certificate of insurance. Just forgotten to ask them for one. This was my first "bigger" bike, and was very excited about it. Thanks for your suppor guys!
  6. Hi there, I have a huge issue with this insurance, my motorcycle was stolen from the college car park and Hastings direct claim that my insurance does not cover going to college. I had this motorcycle for a few months, and when speaking to their representative Im sure they as you for the purpose of using your vehicle. I mainly used it to get to and from work, as I cannot afford another car (mrs has one). When I asked for explaination they said they will back to me, but never did. I must also say that I have never received my policy booklet, nothing, so I didnt have chance
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