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  1. I honestly can't remember if there was PPI or default penalty charges.


    The only paperwork I have are the last two letters mentioned above.


    I didn't really use the account, but I know my ex used to buy things from Kays.


    Does the statue barred date run from the default or last payment, I'm still trying to find out when their was a last payment.


    On the report the balance from 2008 is the same as default in 2013, does this mean there were no payment made between this time?


    Any further help would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Thanks citizenB.


    Righto, so this is a letter to say they are considering legal action against you and not an actual claim, yes ?



    Do you know what this is about ?

    I do remember having a shop direct account some years ago.


    Have you received previous communication from Lowell or their agents ?

    I have received a debt chasing letter from Lowell Portfolio recently.


    This would be way of a Notice of Assignment, advising the account has been sold/assigned to Lowell.


    Did you receive a Default Notice from Shop Direct?

    Not that i can remember.


    When did you cease payments ?

    Not sure, just checked my credit file for the below.

    Opened: 6 Oct '08 with an initial balance of £3,027

    Defaulted on 19 Feb '13 with a default balance of £3,027


    Does this help in any way?



  3. Hi,


    First time that I've ever posted so bear with me.


    I have recently received a letter of claim from Lowell Solicitors stating the following.


    "We have not heard from you regarding your Shop Direct account and are instructed by our client, Lowell Portfolio I Ltd, to commence Legal Action and issue a Claim against you in the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) in respect of this debt.


    You must contact us or make arrangements to pay within the next 14 days or a Claim will be issued without further notice to you. If a claim is issued you will become for futher Court Fees, Solicitor's costs and interest which are estimated below:


    Current Balance £3171.33

    Estimated Interest £253.71

    Estimated Court Fee £185.00

    Estimated Solicitor Costs £80.00

    Estimated Total £3690.04"


    Then goes on to say about failure to respond may result in a CCJ.Any advice on what should i do?



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