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  1. You're welcome - glad to hear your good news. I have also heard recently that the banner which Lidl tied to the railings plus the signs attached to the lamp posts outside the carpark were not approved by the council so were unauthorised. Lidl has been told to remove them all - and this should have happened by now. I know the banner has been taken down. I think from what I've read on this forum that would render any parking notices null & void?
  2. I sent an email to Lidl Man Dir - Mr Gottschlich ([email protected]) explaining what had happened & like yourself I had not even thought of reading the notices as I was unaware of any changes. The only banner which gives a clue to that is located on the fence on the right as you enter the car park. Most people are unlikely to see that unless they park in that small area - as of course drivers are looking ahead - for a space & watching out for oncoming cars - of which there are usually several. I pointed out to him the above and also suggested Lidl should have positioned
  3. Pleased to report good news on the PCNs. I contacted Lidl and explained that I didn't believe signage re the change in parking T & C s was large enough or conspicuous enough at this store car park and therefore people were unaware of any changes so would not even think of reading the smaller signs. Lidl accepted my claim, without suggesting anything was wrong, and have arranged for the PCNs to be cancelled. Thanks to all who gave help for my case - it's appreciated
  4. Can anyone tell me how to delete attachments once they're uploaded? I've tried various ways but nothing seems to work so I'm prob not doing it right!
  5. Right - thanks for explaining that. It will be interesting to see what the council says
  6. Hopefully by trial and error - I've managed to upload the 2 pages for each incident - hope it works!
  7. Hi ericsbrother Thks yr reply. Yes can certainly understand quite a bit of aggro if customer unaware of this. When I was taking photos one fraught woman came rushing out to person in their car - I need the car reg number - write it down for me quick! First incident was 11/12/15 & issue date 15/12/15 - I got the PCN on 18/12/15. Second incident 14/12/15, issue date 16/12/15 & I got that on 19/12/15 Appreciate any advice - thanks
  8. Thanks Scott & mikeymack Briefly, I received two PCNs last week for two separate occasions. I do have some photos of signage, but haven't yet appealed. Will d so after reading those threads. Lidls has allowed free parking to all ever since they opened in I think 2008/9 - with only time limitations, the latest being 1 hour. Now it seems only Lidl customers who shop and register their car number at check out can park free for up to 60mins. I wasn't aware of this along with many others I've spoken to so didn't even think about reading their signs. Ther
  9. Hi there I would like to ask for advice re unfair parking charges at Lidl / Athena car park in Eltham SE9 Thanks Ross
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