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  1. Hi, Yes they sent a default notice. But they haven't replied to my letters or emails And then sent the letter to say they eant me to give them the car. I'm going to ring them tomorrow and ask to speak to a manager and see whst they say when i tell them to take me to court.
  2. Hi, back again. I have had no reply to my offer to pay a smaller amount I have received a default notice and they are asking me to give the car back by the 25th February, with the keys, log book and registration documents. I am scared to ring them as they are not helping me at all Thank you for any help
  3. What i worry about is paying the bills and getting to the end of the month before payday and having no food, gas or electric and running out of petrol I need budgeting help to keep on track with repayments too I'll have to try and write everything down
  4. Thank you I have saved the page and will get a letter sent out and see what happens Will phone debtline too
  5. Hi, It's rochdale council and tomorrow It's not a liability order, just been taken to court for the debt
  6. Could someone please advise about court with my coucil tax debt. I'm dreading it! My debt help from my housing association said i don't have to go, but how will they know what is happening if i don't go? I can go and face it, but is is too late to hand a letter in to court with a ststement of my finances and reasons, or should i just go and explain? Thank you
  7. I will go through the paperwork and try and keep my car if i can And thank you
  8. when i was turned down for a payday loan, i have been bombarded with texts and emails offering me other loans Not a nice place to be in when you are broke and have no one to lend to you
  9. Thank you everyone I rent from a housing association I have help from them. I am in a 4 bed house with high council tax I need to downsize but i can't because of my arrears So i'm stuck paying high bills. I don't need all these rooms. Step debt change sent me a load of paperwork, but not much practical help My sons are on a housing list for a 2 bed flat And if push came to shove, i could stay with my daughter and leave this mess But that really is a last resort And private renting needs a big deposit, credit checks and higher rent I just need a cheaper place and a plan t
  10. My ex paid half of everything. I have had a crisis i know, but all my gp does is give me antidepressants that make me hyper And i struggle to get time off work for appointmets as i don't want work to know So i leave it and muddle along
  11. Hello, thank you fo the reply I work full time, rough take home pay 1130 a month Rent 3200, paying rent plus 5 a week 474 total a month Council tax 800 arrears, court this tuesday, should be 138 a month Car finance hp in default, only had 6 month to pay, owe1,300 Wonga 250 in default Quikquid 300, paid 64 off Lending stream 250, paid 43 I have 1500 overpayment for child tax credit. I left it with the CAB and need to get an update 250 barclaycard 1.00 a month Lowel 125. 1.00 a month Carpet debt, 300 paying 5.00 a month I have a son who lost his job and just signed on
  12. I started a general debt thread here earlier
  13. Thanks for thr reply. He's signed on and at a job club fo help but hasn't found anything yet. I valued my car at we buy any car, that came up at 1700, but, it has a dinted door and i was quoted 500 to fix it, and the bodywork has a few dints and scratches, so might be worth 1000
  14. Hello. Please can someone advise how to get out of this mess? My partner left me in September. We paid half for everything I work full time but have got in a mess We have a car on finance. Due to my mental health state, i have bipolar, i have got behind on rent, council tax and the car payments. I have a thread here for help with my car. I asked for help with the CAB, a pound a month letter was arranged for 2 of the debts I have a child tax credit overpayment of 1500 And stupidly, i took out 3 payday loans. I have had car repairs, vet bills and had to pay those . I have
  15. Back with an update I posted 2 letters to moneyway, asking could i please pay £100 a month until i get straight. I received a default notice and informed i owe 1038.00 But no acknowledgement of my offer letter I have had a meeting with a debt advisor from my landlord and she is looking into this for me too She advised selling the car asap and getting a debt relief order for my other debts Please can someone advise what the default notice means? Thank you for any help
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