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  1. Thanks topcat, same here! Claim gone through now!
  2. Can anyone offer any advice please? I sent my tax credits renewal by post on 20th July ( no proof of postage) I hadn't heard anything this week and noticed my payments had stopped. I rang the helpline and was told my claim was filed late on 8th August. As the claim was late they couldn't accept the estimated income figure I had provided for my partner who is self employed and so my claim had been terminated! We are still in process of submitting our figures for his tax return so won't know the actual income for a couple if weeks. In the meantime I have had a letter saying I have been
  3. We purchased a lamona intergrated microwave oven from howdens in feb 2012. Today the microwave has developed a fault whereby it will not switch off. We have the receipt for the oven which advises to contact lamona insruction manual in the event of a malfunction. The user guide refers us to the customer care line for this particular fault. They are not open this evening so I intend to contact them in the morning. I was just looking for some advice on my right to repair seeing as we have had the oven for more than a year? Is it still reasonable to expect the oven to not develop a fault aft
  4. My niece bought a NetBook from Argos 18 months ago. The NetBook has never worked properly and despite going in to the store within the first 12 months they were referred to the manufacturer who has given them a number is software updates that work for short periods of time before they fail again. The manufacturer is now refusing to do anymore as they say it is out of the 12 month warranty? Any advice? The NetBook was bought with cash? And at the moment they can't find the receipt??
  5. Holister charge a massive £20 for deivery! does anyone know if there is any sort of legislatio/guidance stating that post and packaging charges must be fair. Surely Holister are making a profit from this post and package cost?
  6. ok so after a very apologetic phone call from CPW saying that they mistakenly credited the account with the £10 SAR fee, today I received the recording. On listening to the CD it immediately becomes apparant that the recording is of another customer, Mr W who is with Orange through the Carphone Warehouse!!! At the end of the conversation Mr W gives his full name and address and Telephone Number!!!!! Think the CPW may have made a boo boo!!! Gonna send it back recorded delivery. Do you think I should tell them that I will be letting Mr W know what has happened (even if I have no intenti
  7. just written the letter reminding them that the SAR is overdue and will send recorded delivery in the morning (and keep the receipt safe). Hadn't really thought of contacting O2 until I read your earlier post - any suggestions as to what I should put in a letter to them?
  8. CPW cashed the cheque on 17th March 2011 - so on to the next step now.
  9. okay thanks guys will check statements and keep you posted
  10. Posting on behalf of a friend. She has received a letter regarding a debt of £180 she allegedly oews Hop Direct. My Friend does not believe this account his hers (she has an ex partner who keeps ordering goods using her address and previously rented out her home? She doesn't know where to start to try and unravel this mess? any advice?
  11. okay so the 40days is up - no response from CPW - slight hitch is though that I have misplaced the receipt for the recoreded deilvery (doh!) What should I do now?
  12. I have been advised I have underpaid tax for 2008/9 of over £2000 due to a company. During this period we had contacted them to inform them but no action was taken. We have already written to them asking them to cancel this underpayment as they did not act on the information provided by myself. We have had no response to that letter but have received a new PAYE code showing the underpayment. What more can I do?
  13. Surely a well known petrol station like texaco should have some sort of procedure in place for this situation though? Do you think it would be worth even taking it up with the manager or head office?
  14. A friend of mine called at the texaco petrol station this morning to fill up on her way to work. She went in to pay and realised that she had forgotten her purse and was unable to pay, the cashier asked if she had any items of value on her. She told him that she had her mobile in the car, the cashier took her mobile (blackberry curve ) and kept it until she returned with payment. I was horrified by this and was curious to know if this was even legal? When it happened to me in the past all I had to do was leave my contact details.
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