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  1. Would this affect my job prospects? (besides the ban for 12 months of course)
  2. I will try to ignore them and see where i go with telling my mum, my main concern is how i will cope with badgering letters from the RLP as I am not in the greatest position right now, whether it is unlikely they will send me to court or not.
  3. I know but I felt pretty vulnerable at the time. I was going to fake the address but they wanted a post code and everything, and i never really had a choice! The security guard just took a company phone out and took the photo!
  4. Thank you very much, I know you are probably repeating things but I decided to make a new thread to find the information I needed. You are helping comfort that ignoring them is safe. And I do but I'm too ashamed to even tell my mother! Part of me wants to just use any money for christmas I get in an attempt to get them to leave me and this address alone.
  5. Thank you to anybody who decides to help. My family are having money problems and despite never doing it before, I for some reason decided to slip some cosmetics into my pockets. I had made my way out of the store when a security guard had stopped me and brought me into a security room at the back of Boots. the police man was there and gone and nobody had really explained anything to me. I asked the security guard what to expect and she said that I would be banned from Boots, they would take my photo for the Retail Crime Operation, in which i would be banned from all the shops also under it for 12 months. They also gave me a notice of Intended Civil Recovery from RLP and said to expect a letter regarding what I need to pay. I signed something accepting the 12 month ban and was sent on my way. I am really seeking advice/info on what to expect, whether this can affect me in any other way, the likelihood of how long RLP will badger me or if they will take me to court. Please help!
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